5 IT Practices That Put Enterprises at Risk

Every year, millions of dollars are lost to cyber-related incidents. Cybersecurity has been put at the forefront of the conversation, and companies are trying to protect themselves the best they can. But there are some simple things that companies can do to protect themselves. In an article on Dark Reading, Darren McCue says which five IT practices are putting enterprises at risk: Using old printers Disregarding alerts Giving away admin rights Ignoring employee apps Being …

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3 Tips for Better Security Investment

The time has come for IT leaders to shift their focus to next year’s budget. Information security will play a major role in the growth of any company that is looking to stay competitive, but security is a difficult position. Having to juggle limited professionals in the field, tighter timelines, and a broader scope of activities will create complications for the field moving forward. In an article for InformationWeek, Andrew Horne gives some tips for …

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