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Untangling Your Organization’s Decision-Making

Armed with extensive analytics, and being mindful of the many biases that affect our perceptions, business leaders should be better equipped to make decisions than ever. However, business complexity has also increased such that decision-making accountability has become too messily dispersed. The final result is a tangle. In an article for McKinsey, Aaron De Smet, Gerald Lackey, and Leigh M. Weiss comprehensively address how to clean up decision-making processes in your business. Piercing the Impenetrable …

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Meeting the IT Profitability Objective

Cutting costs only takes a business so far, especially as it pertains to IT. When faced with constricted budgets, Steve Heilenman, CIO of Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), believes we should take this as an opportunity to “reposition technology to assume new roles in meeting the objectives of the business.” In an article for CIOReview, he shares the methods he uses to make IT a critical business enabler. Building Self-Sufficient IT To better support CAI, which …

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Fast Failure: How to Foster IT Innovation Quicker than Competitors

There’s a special point in a project, a point of no return at which all efforts to salvage the initiative are null and void. At that point, it is time to stop crying over spilled milk and to start thinking like an innovator. In an article for TechRepublic, Patrick Gray describes how the harrowing process of “fast failure” is your only avenue to exceptional innovation: Perhaps the most insidious reaction to failure is allowing it …

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5 Employee Incentives That Actually Work

Hiring and training top talent is half the battle, and retaining that talent is the other half. Lisa Song Sutton writes for Fast Company with five unique incentives to keep talent engaged and loyal. Inspire the Best Work The first incentive is to offer an “idea bounty,” in which employees can come forward with fully fleshed ideas, including the processes that encompass them, to earn small bonuses. Staff can vote on whether to execute idea …

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HBR: Becoming Powerful Makes You Less Empathetic

Few people actually aspire to become like Emperor Palpatine in the way they manage employees. Yet, after you electrocute that first guy, you realize it has happened anyway. Lou Solomon writes for Harvard Business Review that receiving power “actually interferes with our ability to empathize,” according to assorted research. The Emperor is Not as Forgiving as I Am Ability to read emotions decreases, in addition to being unable to adapt to other people’s behavior, when …

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7 Excuses Managers Make for Their Employees

Sometimes employees play the blame game. Every time something goes wrong, it’s somebody else’s fault. But Richard Lepsinger, in a post for PM Hut, reveals the missing piece in the equation – you, the manager. The next time a team member points the finger at someone else, try pointing the finger at yourself. See if you’re making one of the seven excuses of poor manager accountability. 7 Excuses Managers Make for their Employees “Things will …

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