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Author and president of Strategere Consulting, working with clients to develop business and IT strategies that focus on achieving business outcomes.

Strategic CIO

August, 2015

  • 13 August

    Can Strategic CIOs Create a Renaissance Revolution?

    If you are one of those naysayers who think the title of this blog is not relevant to how CIOs leverage information technology and influence today’s boardroom strategies, you are wrong. Just talk to CIOs Rob Carter (FedEx), Debra Martucci (Synopsys), Randy Spratt (McKesson), or Filippo Passerini (P&G). You will realize that these strategic CIOs are creating a renaissance revolution by using information and technology in innovative ways to create new competitive value. Renaissance is …

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  • 6 August

    Ep21 – William Velez on Intermex Wire Transfer

    A Strategic CIO interview featuring William Velez talking about Intermex Wire Transfer.

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  • 6 August

    Top CIOs Become Business Process Czars

    CIOs who expand their role beyond the traditional purview of IT can significantly boost the bottom line by improving business processes. It requires CIOs to have business acumen and organizational skills, on top of technology prowess, but the result can be a more competitive and nimble business. Business execs manage a complex set of processes within their departments and, as a result, don’t have the bandwidth to comprehend the ever-changing process complexities in other departments. …

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June, 2015