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Getting Past 4 Common Workplace Fears

The workplace can be a spooky place for various reasons. In an article for Forbes, Glenn Llopis discusses how to work through four of the most common fears. The first fear is of the boss. Sometimes, fear of the boss is unfounded. Other times, bosses use fear as a means to maintain order when they lack the skills to lead effectively. In either case, employees should get to understand their bosses’ weaknesses and express their …

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The Surprising Truth about Workplace Happiness

In an article for Inc., Geoffrey James uses three years of data from a smartphone app called Track Your Happiness, which allows users to report their feelings in real time, to arrive at a curious conclusion. The app data suggests people are most content whenever they are just really concentrated on a particular task, regardless of what the task is. Thus, James finds, “In other words, employees aren’t more productive when they’re happy. They’re happy …

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It’s the Company’s Job to Help Employees Learn

People are not robotic in nature. Confining workers to a box where they continue with the same repetitive task will only kill their soul and belittle their learning abilities. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Mara Swan explore how the workforce has evolved from the mundane to encouraging workers to maximize their learning. A Concentrated Strategy According to the article, a person’s “employability” actually depends on what the person is likely …

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Are You Burying Yourself in a Bunker of Work?

In an article for Inc., John Brandon posits one potential reason why people end up feeling lonely in the workplace—they think they work better that way. They feel a duty to maintain high personal productivity, which they think can only occur when working in isolation. In actuality, such unpunctuated working is only a recipe for burnout, of course. Besides, the best ideas often occur in groups. Off-hand remarks trigger disparate ideas in people’s minds, and …

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How Workplace Distractions Can Actually Improve Productivity

Forget everything you have been told and start talking to the person beside you. Conversing with your neighbor and having a little workplace distraction here and there will actually boost your productivity. In an article for, Sharon Florentine discusses how workplace distractions can improve productivity. Goof Off, Work Harder In a recent study conducted by the human resources information systems company BambooHR, 1,005 U.S.-based employees were polled. The study uncovered that despite previous media-driven perceptions, talking …

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