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3 Tips to Disconnect from Tech and Increase Productivity

Society reprogrammed itself way too fast. The briefest lull in conversation or activity now signals that a person should check his or her phone for notifications. Never mind that those notifications probably do not matter even when they are actually there. In an article for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco shares three factors from neurologist Adam Gazzaley involved in taking our lives back from technology: Accessibility Boredom Anxiety Be Bored with Purpose Accessibility has to do with ...

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How IT Is Allowing Us to Dress Better Than Ever Before

Technology has gotten its tendrils into every aspect of life, even fashion. Yes, Fashion Week itself has inadvertently begun to act like a tech expo at times. But more prominent at the moment is how tech is tightening relationships between customers and fashion. In an article for Information Age, Trish Young discusses this new phenomenon. Hip to Be Square Young introduces the newfound influence of technology in fashion with this: This year, social media channels ...

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Are You Feeding and Caring for Your CSI Register?

Continual service improvement (CSI) is a loyal beast. All it really asks is that it be given proper attention, and everything else is groovy. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy discusses how a little “feeding and caring” can keep your CSI efforts going strong. Friend and Master Sometimes, building the CSI register can feel like a project by itself. But once the register is built, regular maintenance becomes the name of ...

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Four Ways CIOs Can Maintain Governance in Turbulent Times

Technology budget is going to other executives. Shadow IT makes its home like a spider web in the corner. What is a CIO to do amidst this turbulence? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels shares four ways CIOs can keep up good governance: Help business peers make the right IT decisions. Lay ground rules and make sure they are followed. Accept that responsibility for project success is shared. Revisit the original project aims repeatedly. ...

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The New IT: Driving Business Innovation with Tech

The push for the connection between technology and business value is growing more and more important. In an article for InformationWeek, Andi Mann explores this idea of driving business innovation with better technology. According to Mann: “Traditionally, IT executives have focused on buying various components, such as servers, storage, and software from different vendors, assembling the pieces like a puzzle into their own systems, and hiring specialized staff to maintain the systems. With this model, ...

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Meeting the IT Profitability Objective

Cutting costs only takes a business so far, especially as it pertains to IT. When faced with constricted budgets, Steve Heilenman, CIO of Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), believes we should take this as an opportunity to “reposition technology to assume new roles in meeting the objectives of the business.” In an article for CIOReview, he shares the methods he uses to make IT a critical business enabler. Building Self-Sufficient IT To better support CAI, which ...

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Cloud Computing and the On-Demand Economy Are Remaking IT Careers

Gone are the days of a simple nine-to-five job with your one boss. Nowadays it is more common to see IT professionals working freelance, and working for a myriad of employers on a plethora of projects. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores this changing employment environment. Playing Gigs Ade McCormack, independent consultant and author, believes that the world is moving into the “gig economy.” This simply means an increased amount of people working ...

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Technology Business Management: A Model for Managing IT (4 Benefits)

In these innovative times, there is a constant push for people to be more creative and do more with less. This is especially true in the world of IT. In an article for, Nigel Hughes discusses how IT can shift their focus towards identifying the cost of consumed services and still support the business in making valuable decisions. Cost-Minded Governance The problem that IT is facing currently in this value-based decision is that there ...

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4 Tech Stereotypes to Get Rid Of

In an article for Computerworld, John Brandon pinpoints four antiquated types of people stereotypically imagined to exist in the IT industry. The first of course is that of the geeky guy wearing his glasses who is only interested in building computers. The second is the snarky know-it-all tech support, in conjunction with clueless users who refuse to educate themselves on the simplest technical practices. Third is the dumb executive who relies on the brilliance of ...

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Tech Industry Stereotypes Are Hindering Equality

As Carrie Anne Philbin points out in an article for the Guardian, nobody expects everyone to go out and become authors just because they were taught how to read and write. This line of thought can be used to introduce programming into schools (or, conversely, to revert to a society of illiterate apes). We need to get computer science in front of kids much earlier, before stereotypical attitudes of a “nerdy” industry cement in their ...

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