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How to Manage 5 Key Risks in Cloud Computing

Swiss cheese might be delicious, but it is full of holes. Something similar could be said of the cloud. Convenient as it is, risks still abound in cloud computing. KPMG’s Sailesh Gadia writes for Forbes with five types of risk inherent to the cloud: Data security and regulatory risk Technology risk Operational risk Vendor risk Financial risk Risk Appetite Data security is always going to be the most obvious risk, and not a whole lot ...

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3 Dimensions of Signs That Your Project Will Fail

If a boy runs for class president and loses, it could be for a spectrum of different reasons. Maybe someone else ran on a better platform. Maybe the boy had no charisma. Maybe the boy accidentally ran for president of the wrong school. IT projects can fail for an equally diverse spectrum of reasons. In an article for, Moira Alexander examines three potential culprits for where your project could be going wrong. Dimensions of ...

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Managing Risks That Evolve over Time: 3 Cases

Most project managers are used to making a qualitative risk analysis in two dimensions: the likelihood that an event will occur, and the impact of the event. And most risk management plans include some sort of “T-shirt” sizing scale to facilitate classification of probability and impact as small, medium, large, and so on. While not particularly rigorous, this approach does have the benefit of getting SME participation without making great demands on their time or ...

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Three Easy Ways to Communicate Organizational Risk

Risk management is a critical piece to the security puzzle for any organization, and most organizations are great about having these necessary conversations in their leadership offices. However, a recent survey revealed that only one in three middle managers and a mere fifth of front-line managers receive communication about risk management. In an article for Risk Management, Matthew Shinkman and Peter Young share how to better communicate this crucial leadership element. A Stronger Risk Culture ...

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How to Keep Your Risk Management Genuinely Simple

Author William Gaddis once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The best project managers understand project management and know how to keep things simple. Some project managers are guilty of using complex risk management processes and lingo that few people understand. Team members finds themselves lost. They may be thinking, “What planet is this guy from? Sheesh!!” Risk management does not have to be complicated. Really. Allow me to share seven simple ways to manage ...

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Risk and Rio: Where to Begin?

The Olympics are well underway, and already risks have been averted and risks have been realized. In conducting any kind of comprehensive risk analysis of the Rio Olympic Games, the challenging question is where to begin. The Olympic Games have a history of risk. But when examining the Games as a project, those in charge would be wise to take a project management perspective. That means by establishing the risk boundaries for the entire event ...

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The 3 Major Differences between a Leader and a Manager

Despite the fact that leadership and management are complementary positions, they are not one and the same. While managers are responsible for controlling or administering a company, not all of the individuals who fill these critical roles have the proper skills to be effective leaders. In order to gain a better understanding of the contrast between leaders and managers, it’s important to take a closer look at these three key variances. 1. Reactive vs. Proactive ...

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Using Project Management to Reduce Risk

What differentiates the high-performing companies from the low-performing ones? One of the more pertinent differences is that high-performing companies manage risk while they are engaging in project management. In an article for, Mark A. Langley, President of the Project Management Institute (PMI), explores this idea of linking project management and risk management. The Magic Combination According to Langley, project management and risks are connected: “Projects are how you implement your strategy; project management is ...

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What Everybody Should Know about Controlling Risks

The best type of medicine is preventive medicine, and this is why risk management is such an important practice. Unfortunately, project managers too often become engulfed in projects that they fail to control known risks. In a post for The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall discusses how to better control risks. Total Control? Some may argue that the goal should not be to “control” risks, because risks are entities that are rife with uncertainty. No ...

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Scanning the Risk Horizon: Industry Veterans Discuss Strategic Planning

Strategy can be the determinant of success, while the lack of strategy may spell ultimate failure. In an article for Risk Management magazine, Russ Banham explores strategic risks and how to avoid them through successful examples at four different organizations. Tracking a Spectrum of Risks Banham finds that “strategic risks are extremely difficult to evaluate, quantify and manage.” The predominant factors that affect a failed strategy are things like financial risks, macroeconomic risks, or even ...

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