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7 Ways to Mitigate Risk on Projects

If you conduct your projects the right way, some risk management is already baked into the equation. But to best control your project’s fate, you need to get more mindful and explicit in your actions. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin shares seven ways to mitigate risk and how to conduct each: Clarify the requirements. Get the right team. Spread the risk. Communicate and listen. Assess feasibility. Test everything. Have a ...

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The Common Sense of Risk and Opportunity

In a post for Voices on Project Management, Marian Haus combines the agreeable disciplines of risk management and project opportunity management. The goal is to evaluate how they parallel in effectiveness and make their union second nature. It is out of the project manager’s control when risk and opportunities that are triggered by external project sources arise. One can only attempt to lessen their impact when they occur, and incorporate them if they are good. ...

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3 Dimensions of Signs That Your Project Will Fail

If a boy runs for class president and loses, it could be for a spectrum of different reasons. Maybe someone else ran on a better platform. Maybe the boy had no charisma. Maybe the boy accidentally ran for president of the wrong school. IT projects can fail for an equally diverse spectrum of reasons. In an article for, Moira Alexander examines three potential culprits for where your project could be going wrong. Dimensions of ...

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How to Manage Project Risk While Running Your Project

Managing risk is one-and-done in the same way that getting a haircut is one-and-done: There is no such thing. In a post at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares her process for managing risks over the life of the project, while still making time for everything else associated with the project. Risk in Paces You want to begin by creating a project risk matrix, which should include “trigger activities” that describe when action is needed. Watch ...

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Managing Risks That Evolve over Time: 3 Cases

Most project managers are used to making a qualitative risk analysis in two dimensions: the likelihood that an event will occur, and the impact of the event. And most risk management plans include some sort of “T-shirt” sizing scale to facilitate classification of probability and impact as small, medium, large, and so on. While not particularly rigorous, this approach does have the benefit of getting SME participation without making great demands on their time or ...

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Three Easy Ways to Communicate Organizational Risk

Risk management is a critical piece to the security puzzle for any organization, and most organizations are great about having these necessary conversations in their leadership offices. However, a recent survey revealed that only one in three middle managers and a mere fifth of front-line managers receive communication about risk management. In an article for Risk Management, Matthew Shinkman and Peter Young share how to better communicate this crucial leadership element. A Stronger Risk Culture ...

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Does Your Team Make Your Project More Risky?

In the business of risks, it is easy to overlook the obvious. You probably take into account the risk of poor financials, or maybe unpredictable weather, but what about the risks associated with the project team? In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin elaborates on risks that the project team bring to the table. Stepping on Toes Communication is the cornerstone to civilization. However, with a blending of personalities effective communication may ...

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How to Keep Your Risk Management Genuinely Simple

Author William Gaddis once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The best project managers understand project management and know how to keep things simple. Some project managers are guilty of using complex risk management processes and lingo that few people understand. Team members finds themselves lost. They may be thinking, “What planet is this guy from? Sheesh!!” Risk management does not have to be complicated. Really. Allow me to share seven simple ways to manage ...

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Risk and Rio: Where to Begin?

The Olympics are well underway, and already risks have been averted and risks have been realized. In conducting any kind of comprehensive risk analysis of the Rio Olympic Games, the challenging question is where to begin. The Olympic Games have a history of risk. But when examining the Games as a project, those in charge would be wise to take a project management perspective. That means by establishing the risk boundaries for the entire event ...

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Four Reasons Why You Struggle to Engage Stakeholders

A project is nothing without stakeholders supporting it, so engaging stakeholders from the beginning is of the utmost importance. But when they seem uninterested in the ideas that excite you so, how can you make them see the wonder and potential? In a guest post for the Project Risk Coach, Colin Gautrey shares some reasons why you may be having difficulties engaging stakeholders. Seen and Heard When the emails go unanswered and you seem to ...

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