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How to Be the Best Project Manager for Your Team

When it comes to running a business, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too if you want to get the job done. You cannot be everyone’s best friend for fear of conflict. You have to find the right balance of care and candor in order to be able to lead your team. In a post for Project Management Basics, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy goes over the dos and don’ts to be the best project ...

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5 Fundamentals of Project Portfolio Management

A lot of pressure comes with being a project portfolio manager. You are trying to align new tactics and maybe new technologies across your organization’s projects successfully, while ensuring resources exist to fill the precise roles required. In an article written for Growth Freaks, Amanda Knowles offers five tips on the fundamentals of project portfolio management: Collect all project ideas. Allocate resources. Train project managers. Provide every project manage with a starting kit. Manage the ...

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The Causes of Conflict on Project Teams

Without a doubt, you are going to run into conflict in your project. You may have a difficult stakeholder or disagreements about a deliverable’s feature, for instance. Sometimes, project managers practically go out looking for conflict, according to Elizabeth Harrin. In a post at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, she overviews where you get conflict during the project life cycle and who is involved in it. Feeling Conflicted First, there is the concept or ...

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Pros and Cons of the Hero Project Manager

For various reasons, sometimes a project goes so wrong that the unhappy client requests a new project manager be brought on. Doing so has such an immense negative impact on the fired project manager. The incoming project manager is seen as a hero. Susanne Madsen explains in a post for the PM Perspectives Blog the pros and cons of asking a new project manager to take over a failing project. Fighting Failure Simply replacing the ...

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Business Analyst & Project Manager: What’s the Real Difference?

Steven Covey said, “The cause of almost all relationship difficulties is rooted in conflicting and ambiguous expectations around roles and g6oals.” Do you know the difference between a business analyst (BA) and a project manager (PM)? Clarifying these roles can greatly enhance your chance for project success. What Is a Business Analyst? The business analyst works with stakeholders to understand the structure, policies, processes, and operations of an organization. Ideally, business analysts have strong business ...

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3 Tips for Managing Organizational Growth

It has been a trend that it is difficult to squeeze growth out of larger, more mature organizations. Instead of shying away from the challenge, project managers should take it head on. A great project leader is a strategic project leader, according to Dave Wakeman in a post for Voices on Project Management. These are the ones who make it their business to understand the organization’s vision for growth and take action to help realize ...

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Stepping Stones in a Project Management Career

In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott offers guidance to project managers who are considering a change in industry. First, don’t make a far leap. Carefully consider the industry you want to move into. Making a total 180 is not a good plan. Consider what sector or type of organization is most likely going to view your previous experience as similar. Hop and a Skip Think about the stepping stones. It is ...

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10 Common Problems Project Teams Face

Project managers can get so bombarded by the day-to-day busyness that we sometimes do not address concerns like we should. Issues fall to the wayside in the hopes they will dissolve or resolve on their own. Sadly, that is not reality. Instead, Mandy Flint says in a post for the Association for Project Management that we must get proactive. Flint addresses 10 common problems project teams face: Lack of trust Conflict and tension Not sharing ...

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5 Questions to Develop a Simple Scope Management Plan

Running to the Project Management Body of Knowledge for advice can result in one of two mistakes: trying to apply too much of its processes, or seeing how dense its recommendations are and not bothering to do any of it. Instead, take a look at these five questions to ask when developing a simple scope management plan from Harry Hall in a post for the Project Risk Coach: Who is responsible for developing and managing ...

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What Should a New Project Manager Focus On?

If this is your first time managing a project, you probably have a million questions streaming through your mind. First off, what the heck do I do?! Well, in a guest post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Dr. Mike Clayton offers some time-tested tips on what new project managers should focus on that will never steer them wrong. The Big Picture Approach First things first, you need to build a relationship with your ...

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