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Organizational Project Business Management and PMOs: Executive View

Written with Darrel G. Hubbard Introduction During our PMO case study research over the past 13 years, we delved into the construct, organizational concept, and framework of Organizational Project Business Management (OPBM). In addition, we delved deeply into the models, framework, and organizational concepts of the Project Business Management Or­ganization (PBMO). We documented those research results in our latest book, A Compendium of PMO Case Studies – Volume II: Reflecting Project Business Management Concepts {Bolles ...

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Why Senior Executives Neglect Project Management

Project management is often viewed by senior executives as an unimportant means of strategy execution. Through research, the reasoning has been found to be that organization heads view project management as highly technical, best left to IT people to bang their wrenches at. In an article for, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez goes over the top three reasons why senior executives neglect project management: It’s disregarded by business management gurus. It’s ignored by most top MBA programs. ...

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Two Rights Make a Wrong in Project Management

Beyond all the tools and techniques of project management, there is an essential requirement that must be present throughout the life of the project: a common understanding. Leadership skills are essential to keep the focus on this key element. It is easy for one person to think that they understand, but this is only one view of a situation. A common understanding is obtained when both parties have the same understanding of the project. Different ...

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The Power of Results-Based Goals

Project sponsors carry responsibility for physically writing the goals of a project, which in turn should explain how a project relates to organizational strategy. Poorly written goals create instant problems for the project managers who inherit them. In a post for the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall provides tips for writing better project goals that will yield better project results. Start with the End The best way to write better goals is to understand the ...

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Getting the Most out of Your Project Planning Sessions

Project planning is the period where you can allow your management genius to spill out and enrich the whole oncoming project. Such zeal to get started and launch on these big plans and innovations can inadvertently stunt the actual planning though. In an article for Project Smart, Sebastian Bos describes how to get the most value out of project planning sessions. Plotting Genius A solid project planning session considers every facet of a project and ...

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Best Practices for Planning Your Project

Why is project management feared, and even avoided? Individuals seem to avoid project management because there are so many variables that could lead to a project failure. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett explains the basics of managing projects, so that you can take on these projects and advance your own career. These are the basics: The team Tools Defining the business objectives Sponsors Metrics Communication Project planning The first and most fundamental aspect ...

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ITSM: More Tips to Do Configuration Management

Configuration management is the secret sauce for greater success in IT service management, and for the business in general. In a guest post for Joe the IT Guy, Rebecca Beach elaborates further on this discipline and explores identification, control, status accounting, and auditing. After there is a plan for configuration management in place, step two is ready to commence: the identification and baselining phase. This phase takes a photograph of your infrastructure so that it ...

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4 Tips for Getting Started with Project Management

It is becoming more and more common for project managers to wear a multitude of hats, or for the organization to contract out the position all together. But the tools that are readily available for project management can only be capitalized on if there is a defined strategy to follow. In an article for PC Magazine, Jill Duffy explores what you need to get started on your project management path. There are four things you ...

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3 Tips for Understanding Strategy and Project Management

Project managers tend to struggle with this idea of being good strategic leaders. Is this because they do not understand what strategy should mean to them? In a post for Voices on Project Management, Dave Wakeman explores the thought processes that make for great project managers. There are three tips to understanding how strategy and project management are so closely intertwined: Begin from the end. Do not make the mistake of sticking to one course ...

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The 4 As of a Great Project Sponsor

When a project has the right people backing it, magical things can happen. A great project sponsor can often be the difference between success and failure. So what is it that differentiates the best? In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin elaborates on what makes a great project sponsor. There are four attributes that the best always have: Authorized Available Attached Accomplished The A+ Experience The project sponsor most importantly needs to ...

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