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Cut to the Chase to Save Time at the Office

Some part of you instinctively knows when you are wasting time or procrastinating. In an article for NBC Today, Stuart Levine believes you can do better. He says in short-term and long-term scales that you should drive persistently toward your goals with focus. Whatever the task is, whether it is daunting or trivial, just get started on it. Beyond that, one particularly good tip he has is to make effective use of “Got it”: When …

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Six Secrets to True Originality

In a sea of cookie cutter clones, most people aspire to have some level of originality. But being original is not the easiest thing to achieve, in business or otherwise. In an article for McKinsey & Company, author and professor Adam Grant shares six secrets to being original that you probably have never heard before: Have many ideas. Judge ideas creatively. Never think you are too old. Avoid groupthink. Learn the art of procrastination. Stick …

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