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9 Problems and Solutions of Project Portfolio Management

Introduction A project portfolio is a set of projects and programs that envision the same kind of goals. The act of managing these projects to check if they are in line with the organization’s business strategy is project portfolio management. With the help of this management process, project managers and project management offices focus on forecasting and analyzing the returns per project implementation in the portfolio. They collate all the available data of ongoing and …

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Using Project Portfolio Management to Sharpen Strategy

Introduction When there are many projects run by an organization, it is significant to manage and evaluate them by grouping projects into strategic portfolios. Project portfolio management (PPM) is an excellent business practice that enables an organization to keep its projects aligned to its business objectives. PPM doesn’t get involved in project execution, but it plays a major role in project selection, benefit realization, prioritization, funding, optimum resource utilization, risk assessment, etc. This helps in …

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Using the Service Portfolio to Prove Effectiveness

Understanding is the first step to success, because once you understand a concept you can better deliver on it. In a post for ITSM Professor, Professor P. Ross S. Wise elaborates on the use and power of the service portfolio. According to Wise: “The Service Portfolio represents the complete set of services that is offered and managed by a service provider.  It corresponds to the entire lifecycle of all services and is made up of …

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Project Portfolio Management Is a Game Changer

If you do not want to fall behind your peers, or risk your very existence in your competitive market, then you need project portfolio management (PPM). In an article for, Bas de Baat elaborates on why PPM is the key to unlocking an organization’s full potential. Flip the Board The forces that immediately impact an organization’s ability to perform are volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). These forces can be managed with the help …

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Four Common Project Portfolio Dashboard Mistakes

Why are portfolio dashboards necessary? Portfolio dashboards track the metrics, as well as the progress, within an organization. The dashboards help to keep the big picture alive and vivid so that the organization can stay on target. In a post for PM Hut, Kristyn Medeiros elaborates on some mistakes to avoid when it comes to using project portfolio dashboards. There are four common ones to keep in mind: The information may not be useful. The …

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Six Predictions for Project Portfolio Management in 2016

What do the cards reveal for this new business year? Well, the truth may be that the future is unwritten, but in a post for PM Hut, Kevin Kern does share six predictions for project portfolio management in 2016: Applications need to be managed. Automation will become the norm. Agile is not everything, but its principles do apply. Become resource-savvy. Internet of Things (IoT) is inspiring the want for more data. The cloud is changing …

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