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How to Be the Best Project Manager for Your Team

When it comes to running a business, you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too if you want to get the job done. You cannot be everyone’s best friend for fear of conflict. You have to find the right balance of care and candor in order to be able to lead your team. In a post for Project Management Basics, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy goes over the dos and don’ts to be the best project ...

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Stepping Stones in a Project Management Career

In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott offers guidance to project managers who are considering a change in industry. First, don’t make a far leap. Carefully consider the industry you want to move into. Making a total 180 is not a good plan. Consider what sector or type of organization is most likely going to view your previous experience as similar. Hop and a Skip Think about the stepping stones. It is ...

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10 Common Problems Project Teams Face

Project managers can get so bombarded by the day-to-day busyness that we sometimes do not address concerns like we should. Issues fall to the wayside in the hopes they will dissolve or resolve on their own. Sadly, that is not reality. Instead, Mandy Flint says in a post for the Association for Project Management that we must get proactive. Flint addresses 10 common problems project teams face: Lack of trust Conflict and tension Not sharing ...

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5 Steps to Become a Manager

Do you want to become a manager or die trying? If so, tone back that enthusiasm a little, but Heather Huhman has five steps to reaching that coveted position in an article for Glassdoor. For starters, tell your current boss about your aspirations to become a manager. Next, build your skills at developing people by becoming a mentor for someone. Third, discuss with existing managers what skills have helped them to succeed and do what ...

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Signs Your Employee Is Ready to Become a Manager

Are you already management, with a tingling feeling that someone below you is ready to make the leap up there with you? An article for Inc. shares some signs to confirm your suspicions. Some of these are pretty obvious, but they can at least help to reinforce how you already feel: Employees ready to become managers shift their perspective from “I” statements to “we” statements. They prove they can manage themselves and take responsibility for ...

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Should You Become a Manager? Maybe Not

Your current gig might be plenty cushy, and there are plenty of positions with high salaries that do not involve overseeing other people. Should you really aim to become a manager? Jennifer Winter helps you decide by asking you a few questions in an article for the Muse: Can you tolerate meetings? Because managers attend a lot of them, and in an ideal situation, they all have valuable information that warrants further action. Do you ...

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How You Can Become a Manager Sooner Rather Than Later

Stop wondering why no one has invited you to the top and start climbing up there anyway. Victor Lipman shares some tips to ascend into management in an article for Forbes. It begins by deciding to make your aspirations known. To whom? Your boss, probably, but Lipman also says to become bosom buddies with your HR department, which can share assorted opportunities and training options with you. HR can also connect you with a mentor ...

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Standards Make a Competent Project Manager

When you establish standards, you set in concrete terms what must be known or done in order to achieve competency in some area. A project manager who is “up to standard” is thus a competent and valued asset. In a post for the Association for Project Management, Andrew Watson discusses how to define standards for project managers. Setting the Bar As Watson sees it, a standard must do the following: Describe the correct, accepted way ...

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How to Present to the C-Suite (and Everyone Else)

A suitably seasoned project manager will find him or herself mingling with higher players in the corporate ladder. How should you as a growing ace of a manager give presentations to C-suite executives? In a guest post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Leigh Espy derives the differences between pitching to peers and pitching to executives. Present Perfect When pitching any sort of idea or project to peers, you want to explain to your ...

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How to Work for an Inadequate Manager

At some point or another, everyone has likely had the frustrating displeasure of working for a manager that was ill-suited for the role. Whether they got thrown into a position that they were not ready for, or they simply do not have the personality to be a great manager, inadequate managers are everywhere. In a post for SITS Community 360, Noel Bruton shares some strategies to make this type of trying situation work for you. ...

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