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Opportunity Management in Project Management: 6 Tips

It seems that often we are focused and put immense amounts of effort into risk management, while neglecting the fact that opportunity management is equally important. Sean Lowe talks about on a post in PM Perspectives Blog that opportunity management is “about removing barriers to success and creating a path for yourself and your team.” Here are six opportunities that every project manager should capitalize on: Take the opportunity to recognize and reward success. Take the ...

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The 5 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline

Having a strong financial pipeline is what every company wants to attain, correct? Well, to do so you must have a strong leadership pipeline. They are directly correlated, according to John Bersin in an article for Harvard Business Review. He addresses five elements of tackling this successfully from a study he conducted involving over 2,000 companies. Enabling Leadership Reliably The first element is culture. Every member of the team must feel the freedom to lead ...

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Are You Feeding and Caring for Your CSI Register?

Continual service improvement (CSI) is a loyal beast. All it really asks is that it be given proper attention, and everything else is groovy. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy discusses how a little “feeding and caring” can keep your CSI efforts going strong. Friend and Master Sometimes, building the CSI register can feel like a project by itself. But once the register is built, regular maintenance becomes the name of ...

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Personal Credibility and Leadership

IT project management is a troubled discipline. In June 2016, the Sacramento Bee reported that the California Department of Veterans Affairs spent nearly $28 million on a computer system designed to improve patient care. An audit found that the system was launched years later than planned, wasted staff time, and was never implemented fully. According to a 2015 US Government Accountability Office report, the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Expeditionary Combat Support System was canceled in December ...

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8 More Tips for Getting Started with Change Management

Effective change management is a difficult thing to master, especially when you are first attempting to employ a new change management. In a continuation from a previous post, Joe the IT Guy shares eight more tips for getting started with change management: Do not blindly mimic best practices. Pretend as though your needs are unique. Fully understand the benefits and limitations. Keep people a priority. Measure the correct things. Do not allow the change advisory ...

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How to Fix the 3 Biggest Project Management Problems

Any time you are managing human beings, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are general practices that can help. In an article for Forbes, Maren Hogan shares some problems that can arise during project management, and how to sidestep them in an agile fashion. There are three problems any project manager needs to be alert to: The team does not understand the project. The project manager is either too rigid or too laid back. ...

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Data Isn’t Everything: Challenges of Data-Driven Business

The current wave of excitement about data-driven business and data-related technologies might lead one to think that data is panache for poor organizational performance. Despite all the attention on data including millions of dollars spent on data management, business intelligence, and analytics projects, many organizations still struggle to gain value from the investment. According to a 2014 survey by The Economist Group, 73% of respondents said they trust their intuition over data when it comes to decision-making. ...

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Top Five Skill Areas for a New Project Manager

Life is a learning game, and it is constantly full of mini-exams to test the knowledge you should have acquired. It is through the trial and error of experience that people learn, grow, and thrive. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott explores how this concept is especially true for beginning project managers. There are five skills a new project manager should work on developing in their first few years: The foundation ...

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12 Focused Ways to Improve Your Risk Management

Pretty much everyone agrees that risk management is important, yet too many project managers continually ignore the management of threats and opportunities. We can do better! In a post for The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall explores how to improve risk management practices. According to Hall, there are 12 reasons why risk management becomes ineffective: A failure to lead by example A failure to focus on the important risks A failure to customize a risk ...

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Project Portfolio Management Is a Game Changer

If you do not want to fall behind your peers, or risk your very existence in your competitive market, then you need project portfolio management (PPM). In an article for, Bas de Baat elaborates on why PPM is the key to unlocking an organization’s full potential. Flip the Board The forces that immediately impact an organization’s ability to perform are volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). These forces can be managed with the help ...

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