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How Marketing Needs Closer Ties to IT

Every group and department within the company is equally important, yet IT often gets overlooked, especially in the realm of marketing. Now, marketing is shifting and improving and needs to rely heavily on the help of IT for many reasons. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Adele K. Sweetwood goes over four best practices for marketing and IT working together: Focus on a common goal. Collaborate on a digital road map. Create bridges. Drive ...

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Why the CIO Is Essential to Digital Transformation

While 97% of businesses are taking on some digital initiatives, only 21% have implemented a company-wide digital transformation strategy, according to a recent survey from SAP and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey also found that the CIO is leading 37% of digital transformation efforts, but the IT team is only involved in finding innovative strategies 7% of the time. Alison DeNisco goes over why the CIO is essential to digital transformation for Tech Republic. ...

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Six Ways to Help Your IT Staff Learn the Business

Big or small, every employee plays a role in business success. And the more employees understand their business, the better equipped they are to help propel business forward. In an article written for Tech Pro Research, Mary Shacklett offers six ways to help your IT staff learn the business: Put it on the agenda. Let IT staff work in a business area. Have IT develop relationships with super users. Make business education a goal. Send staff to ...

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Achieving IT Nimbleness: 4 Steps to Start Your Journey

IT must not become marginalized as a result of the hot new technologies available. Rather, IT should give itself a makeover to become its own hot new thing. In an article for InformationWeek, Susan Nunziata shares four steps from the Hackett Group for creating a more agile IT: Reallocate resources from a transactional focus to a focus on adding value. Embrace digital transformation. Lead the organization’s information and analytics journey. Adopt customer-centric service design and ...

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Ways to Make IT More Responsive to the Business

Does IT zig when it should zag? Does it stumble over itself? Does it not move at all? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks to experts to determine which business models are best in adapting to strategic needs. Models for Success One thing CIOs should do is think about business models as a platform for future development, as opposed to merely a security blanket for keeping things in line. Models should emphasize projects ...

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How Anyone (Even You!) Can Improve Incident Management

Since we have an expectation that “things just work,” the visibility to incident management can take center stage and as a result is often described as a “high-value process.” The challenge is that we view value in this manner. When we take a more objective look at this definition, we see that we want to avoid incidents at all cost rather than celebrate that we are great at resolving them in the first place. In ...

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6 Reasons Bimodal IT Is Wrong for You

The ongoing hostile debate over bimodal IT continues. This time, it is Curtis Franklin Jr. writing for InformationWeek on offense against bimodal IT. He identifies six problems in the concept, any of which he feels should be reason to be weary of it. Here is what he believe bimodal IT does that is so risky: Prizes stasis Sets quality versus speed Complicates IT Means at least two IT staffs Discourages backend transformation Ignores the business ...

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Personal Credibility and Leadership

IT project management is a troubled discipline. In June 2016, the Sacramento Bee reported that the California Department of Veterans Affairs spent nearly $28 million on a computer system designed to improve patient care. An audit found that the system was launched years later than planned, wasted staff time, and was never implemented fully. According to a 2015 US Government Accountability Office report, the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Expeditionary Combat Support System was canceled in December ...

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What Barriers Slow Adopting Enterprise Performance Management Methods?

Why is the adoption rate for applying enterprise performance management (EPM) methods so slow? Technology is no longer the impediment. It once was, but software capabilities are proven. The barriers involve resistance to change and unfamiliarity. These are social, behavioral, and cultural issues, and few analysts are trained in behavioral change management. What is involved with these barriers, and how can managers and analysts overcome resistance and get organizational buy-in? Organizations that achieve competency with ...

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There’s No Such Thing as Shadow IT

In a world that is becoming entirely driven by technology and transformed by digital endeavors, it seems only logical to have the CIO as the master of all technological decisions. But with all of the shadow IT floating around, should the role of CIO really be “gatekeeper”? In an article for CIO UK, Ian Cox proposes that the CIO should become more of a technology broker. Lengthening the Leash Shadow IT is a difficult thing ...

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