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Ways to Make IT More Responsive to the Business

Does IT zig when it should zag? Does it stumble over itself? Does it not move at all? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks to experts to determine which business models are best in adapting to strategic needs. Models for Success One thing CIOs should do is think about business models as a platform for future development, as opposed to merely a security blanket for keeping things in line. Models should emphasize projects …

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10 Aspects of Running IT as a Business

People spend so much time pretending IT is a separate entity from the business. CIOs might as well take an optimistic spin on that notion by running IT with a business mentality. In an article for, David Chou details 10 items that factor into managing IT like a business, inspiring greater success along the way: Starting with the right philosophy IT budgeting Investment planning Chargeback/show-back Benchmarking Cost optimization Performance metrics Clearly defining IT processes …

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How to Keep IT at the Center of Business

IT enjoys a unique space in the business, having its fingers in many different pies. This wide vision of the business, in addition to its technical knowledge, makes IT an important player in shaping business demand. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Monsanto CIO James Swanson shares some ways to keep IT at the center of the business. An Empowered IT First, get the business leadership together and have IT work as a partner …

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IT Integration: More Than ‘Nice to Have’

In a technology-driven world, why is IT still operating like a solitary island in each organization? The business and IT are not two separate entities; rather, they should be working collectively to better the organization as a whole. In a post for All Things ITSM, Kirstie Magowan shares how to change this rigid mindset and make IT a cornerstone of the business. Align and Improve IT tends to think very highly of themselves, because they …

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The Four Foundational Points of Strategic IT Leadership

IT leadership can be difficult to maintain because there is too often a disconnect between IT and the rest of the organization. How can IT leaders prevail and be successful with this troubling perspective of their place in the business? In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Rob Zelinka elaborates on how to have successful strategic IT leadership. In a recent meeting, Zelinka posed a thought-provoking statement to his team: “get out of IT while …

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The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is here and running full throttle into the future, but how can managers keep pace with this movement? In an article for MIT Sloan Management Review, George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee elaborate on their findings after having interviewed 157 executives across 50 different companies. A Full Scope of Transformation All of these companies are considered large and derive from 15 countries. Half of those interviewed were business leaders and half …

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