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Four Tips to Find and Keep the Staff You Want

It is no secret that finding and hiring the right employees will keep your organization progressing into the future successes. However, an alarming two-thirds of CIOs believe that there is a lack of talent keeping their organization from keeping up with change. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels elaborates on four ways that you can uncover and retain the staff of your dreams: Engage and embrace outsiders. Be an attractive place of employment. Place …

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6 Ways to Become an IT Talent Magnet

What are CIOs looking for when they hire new individuals? In an article for InformationWeek, Dan Roberts explores the six tips that make a candidate highly attractive to CIOs. A Gartner study surveyed 2,944 CIOs, and these respondents identified that their greatest obstacle is talent. Those at Ouellette & Associates developed a model to address this problem. “TALENT” is an acronym that was created to help IT better recruit and retain talented individuals: Transparency and …

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