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Initiating Projects: What to Do When Process Gets in the Way


When supporting project initiation decisions, effective process can consistently lead to extremely effective decisions. The problem for most of us is that we don’t work in an environment where there is effective process. In actual fact, the presence of solid, well-meaning and useful initiation processes is incredibly rare. While most organizations claim to have formal processes for project initiation, in a large number of instances these do not lead to better initiation decisions. The challenge ...

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Four Questions for Quenching Knowledge Management


The thirst for knowledge must be quenched. Every day people are looking for answers that they need. The question you have to ask yourself as a service provider is, “Are you positioned to satisfy their needs?” One of the fundamental challenges with knowledge management isn’t capturing the information; it is usually the ability to actually manage it. Part of the discovery process should lead us to ask ourselves why we need to do this in ...

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Agile Strategy Management Lessons Learned


Abstract The paper presents practical experience with agile strategy management methods and techniques gathered from multiple missions in private and public enterprises. People and communication are in focus. These elements present at the same time the foundation and primary opportunity for success, and the biggest risk of failure. The experience shows how weakly established organization structures and objectives make communication and people enter into conflict instead of working together to reach feasible and beneficial business ...

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5 Methods to Preempt Team Conflict


There is equilibrium in the team conflict spectrum. A little conflict can produce great, innovative results, but bad conflict can result in all-out anarchy. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ginka Toegel and Jean-Louis Barsoux discuss how taking a proactive stance with team conflict often inspires the best outcomes. So Many Conflicts The best medicine is preventative medicine. Supervisors should set aside some time for teams to be encouraged to communicate with one another. ...

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The Missing Link in Your Project Process


We are project managers. We know the importance of establishing a proper process to manage our project. It is a matter of effectiveness: We want to achieve the results. It is also a matter of efficiency: We want to use the most optimal process. Choosing and establishing the best processes for your project is an important step in managing your project. Let’s take the world of software development. The process can include many steps, such ...

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10 IT Basics That Business Managers Need to Know


From your computer at work to brushing your teeth, technology has managed to permeate almost every aspect of human life. It has become essential for everyone to understand some basics about technology, even those outside of IT. In an article for TechRepublic, Mary Shacklett shares 10 of the most pertinent concepts every manager should know about IT: Defining how new technology can help How to work with IT vendors Understanding what IT truly does How ...

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4 Ways to Think Big While Managing Small Projects


There is always a fear of biting off more than you can chew at the start of something new. For project managers, they are typically given smaller projects at the beginning of their careers because they allow for experience to be gained with less risk. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Kevin Korterud shares four ways for beginner project managers to make the most of their small projects: Utilize support. Implement quality assurance ...

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3 Steps to Replace a Team Member without Jeopardizing the Project


Susan recently discovered that a key team member has taken another job and will be leaving the company in three to four weeks. Bob continues to have problems with a third-party developer on his team and has decided to replace the developer. Jane’s top tester, Sam, had an accident over the weekend; Jane needs to quickly replace Sam to meet her tight deadlines. How well project managers handle these transitions can mean the difference between ...

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The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation


The digital transformation is here and running full throttle into the future, but how can managers keep pace with this movement? In an article for MIT Sloan Management Review, George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee elaborate on their findings after having interviewed 157 executives across 50 different companies. A Full Scope of Transformation All of these companies are considered large and derive from 15 countries. Half of those interviewed were business leaders and half ...

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The High (and Often Hidden) Costs of Project Team Dysfunction


The dream team: a collection of people who all get along and perform beyond any manager’s wildest dreams. This elusive dream is typically not the norm, and unfortunately most managers will have to learn how to deal with a team laden with issues. In an article for TechRepublic, Moria Alexander delves into this issue of dysfunctional teams and their cost. Everyone Loses To begin with, how do teams become dysfunctional? According to Patrick Lencioni, the ...

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