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12 Bad Habits that Slow IT to a Crawl


You never see a sports team with a sloth or a snail as the mascot. That is because people seldom want to celebrate slowness. In an article for InfoWorld, Bob Lewis identifies a whole dozen bad habits IT has picked up that are slowing it down. Once you address these concerns, IT can finally become the mascot that the business needs, oversized fuzzy costume and all: Faulty governance Multitasking Bloated projects Manual provisioning Favoring interfaces ...

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Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution


At the nexus of organizational alignment are project portfolio managers, their efforts gluing the two halves of the organization together. To understand how these experts bridge the gap between the executive suite and project teams, Matt Alderton interviews three globally seasoned, mid-level professionals in an article for the Project Management Institute. These professionals include Amany Nuseibeh, former program / project manager and PMP; Jennifer Buchannan, PMP and product director; and Mohannad Amr, project management officer ...

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Service Catalogue: Collaborating to Define IT Value


The service catalogue has many versions and is a “multi-functional” and “multi-level” unit. There is no single approach! Yet according to Barclay Rae in a guest post for Joe the IT Guy, it is the service catalogue that has the potential to unify the whole of IT service – if one turns to collaboration first. Business and IT Views In most tool sets you’ll find the user portal and the business service map. The former ...

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Rising Above the Mechanics: The 6 Essential Skills of Advanced Leaders


Project managers are known for being versatile multitaskers with a penchant for managing not just time and cost, but also people. How does a PM see the links between strategy and execution evolve beyond the “tactical mechanic?” An article by Joe Czarnecki for seeks to illuminate the path to PM leadership. 6 Essential Leadership Skills Managing alignment Becoming an interpreter Learning to innovate Thinking ahead Making the right decisions Leveraging networks Alignment, though often ...

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How to Build Your Internal Network in 4 Weeks: Keys to Getting More Done


What comes to mind when you think of networking and building relationships? For me, I think about going to events – PMI events, conferences and parties. In many cases, these are enjoyable activities and I often learn about new people as well. Your external network is valuable for many reasons, including giving you new perspectives and opportunities. In your current role, your internal network is even more important. For project managers and IT professionals, there ...

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How to Deal with a Major IT Incident: 8 Top Tips


A major incident, defined by Prithiv RajKumar as an event requiring deviation from standard IT protocol, does not need to turn into a dramatic hand-waving festival. In an article for IT Pro Portal, RajKumar offers eight tips to make major incident resolution feel like a walk through the park. Well, okay, it won’t be quite that easy. 8 No-Drama Decisions Define the incident. Create exclusive workflows. Ready your resources. Supply stringent SLAs and hierarchical escalations. ...

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The Secrets of the Most Social CIO in the World


David Bray is the 10th CIO to work for the FCC in nine years. He is tasked with heading the IT wing of an organization responsible for governing all wired and wireless communication across the United States. His mission is monumental – modernize the FCC’s aged and elaborate IT infrastructure. In an interview with Peter High for Forbes, Bray explains how being a “Social CIO” is making all the difference. The Oprah Winfrey of IT ...

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How Do You Explain the iPad to Benjamin Franklin?


Benjamin Franklin was indisputably one of the greatest minds of the 18th century. Scientist, inventor, journalist, publisher, author, lecturer, diplomat, and mentor to great men. He wasn’t just the sharpest tool in the shed; he was the whetstone who kept a lot of the other tools sharp. So, if we were somehow able to transport him to the present day, how would you explain the iPad to him? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from ...

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3 Ways CIOs Can Achieve Consistent Efficiency with Governance


Some of the best minds in IT governance hold the opinion that governance is sorely misunderstood. As Jen Skrabak writing for The Enterprisers Project tells us, the only way that CIOs can achieve consistent and reliable governance is to straighten out the misconceptions. For starters, we could decide which sort of governance we are talking about. A collective discussion is brewing among project managers in both local and international circles about what it means to ...

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9 Practical Ways to Jump-Start a New Project


Imagine that you are at the 15% completion point of your project, a project that is essential to your organization’s strategic vision. Your project is significantly behind schedule and over-budget. You are not likely to dig yourself out of this hole. “No project recovers from a variance at the 15% completion point. If you underestimated in the near, you are generally off on the long term too.” –Gregory M. Horine You had the best intentions ...

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