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5 Tips to Elevate Your Business Outcome-Focused IT

It is a misconception in IT that all CIOs need to do is transform their own department and come up with the best IT practices. A strategic IT leader today must be able to merge with the operating rhythms of other departments and work as team to think about the business outcome of their technology investments. Coming from a product team at Intuit, Atticus Tysen knows what it is like to determine the best IT ...

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The Dark Side of Transparency

Think of an organization as a person: You have the need to share your feelings and exchange information to other people, but you still want to keep certain things to yourself. Similarly, transparency within an organization can backfire when employees know too well about each other or about the operations of the company. In an article for McKinsey, Julian Birkinshaw and Dan Cable talk about some problems with transparency within an organization: Can create information ...

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What’s Wrong with the Productivity Race?

Everyone is happy getting off work with the productive feeling of having everything completed. However, do you ever notice what you have sacrificed on the way for such stellar work speed? It might be quality lunch time with your colleagues in exchange for some quick write-up for your project, which can be a more serious trade than you suspect. In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen warns what can go wrong ...

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6 Simple Metrics that Make Decisions Work

Learning how to make good decisions benefits your company’s profits, other people’s jobs, and your own temperament. If you don’t have good business judgment and experience with the decision-making process, you may for instance cram in more meetings that go nowhere and frustrate everyone. In an article for Forbes, Erik Larson offers six simple metrics to help improve decision-making processes: Number of people participating in the decision: best with 3-7 Number of alternatives considered: best ...

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3 Reasons Why Potential Leaders Are Overlooked

Gold is not easily found, and good leaders similarly stay hidden to a company’s executives. This happens because people want to pursue a new career turn, fail to grab opportunities, or are simply not favored by their superiors. Yet good leaders are crucial to the success of a company and satisfaction of employees. Therefore, failing to recognize natural-born leaders is a loss to the company. There are different ways to explain for why leaders stay ...

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3 Areas for Project Management Improvement

The new year has been around for a while. But before you get too deep into resolutions, have you ever considered an Old Year’s reflection to see where to go first? Looking back at what happened last year is a good place to start because you will see what works, what doesn’t, and what should be changed. In a post for the PM Perspective Blog, Susanne Madsen says that there are three areas which determine ...

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Project Scope: How Rigid Is Too Rigid?

A scope should not be too general, but shouldn’t be overly specific at the same time—what a headache. It is up to each project manager to establish and define what the scope for her or his project is. However, there are certain rules that are applicable for all successful projects. According to Ben Aston in a post for the Digital Project Manager, project managers should do the following things: Be clear about the scope. Document ...

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Employees Don’t See Their Leaders as Real People

Sometimes, leaders look too good to be real humans in the eyes of employees. In fact, in an article for Harvard Business Review, Nathan T. Washburn and Benjamin Galvin propose that most employees do in fact have only an illusory, imaginary idea of who their leaders are. This can work for or against leaders, so here are some tips to get imaginations flowing in a positive direction. The Afterimage Building a leadership image is beneficial ...

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How to Facilitate a Successful Project Launch under Time Crunch

What does it take to facilitate a successful project launch? Let’s look at two scenarios, one that results in potential failure and one destined for success. The Wonder Wheels Company assigned Tom Dooley to manage a high-profile project, a project critical to the achievement of the company’s annual goals. Jane Johnson, a senior leader and the project sponsor, called Tom to her office, handed him a few memos, and described the project deliverables. Coldly staring ...

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Effort Transforms the Body and the Mind—If You Want It To

Swedish psychologist and Florida State University professor K. Anders Ericsson has studied what makes masters in various fields (sports, business, etc.) different from the rest of society. The major trend he has uncovered in all cases is that expert ability truly comes from… just making a daily effort to improve. An interview with Ericsson by Tricia van der Grient uncovers some of his insights. Deliberate and Determined Ericsson says “the experts developed their abilities through ...

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