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4 Common IT Dangers in the Age of ITSM


Project failures occur frequently because ITSM is not designed from the implementation phase to align with business strategy. So how is this avoided? In a post for All Things ITSM, Phyllis Drucker identifies some of the greatest dangers against which IT must stay vigilant. Is your IT fighting the good fight against these perils? Tread Lightly in These Areas There are a few indicators of trouble to be wary of when it comes to ITSM. ...

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5 Things New Team Members Want to Know


Tom replaced Bill as a developer at the midpoint of a software development project for an insurance company. Sheila, the project manager, had her hands full with multiple projects and hoped that Bill had provided Tom with the necessary information to hit the ground running. At Tom’s first project meeting, he was rubbing the back of his neck, twisting his watch, and bouncing a foot. Tom asked a few shallow questions that indicated that he ...

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5 Ways for Using Scope Management to Contain Risks


Projects do not fail in a vacuum, and they do not fail strictly as a result of factors beyond your control. Internal factors share the blame, and it is within your power to control these variables. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Marian Haus examines how to analyze the scope in order to better influence project success. The Risks to Manage Vague or unclear requirements and no change control Lack of clear roles ...

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Saying Goodbye to Bimodal IT


The quest to meld stability and agility is a war yet to be won. Major players in business have been hyping bimodal IT as the solution, but what if this pursuit is a fool’s errand? Despite the advancement and promises made from bimodal IT, Mark A. Campbell, writing for CIO Insight, still believes this innovation will fall short. Where the Logic Stops What is bimodal IT? According to Gartner, this IT practice helps to manage ...

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Are Your IT Certifications Killing Your Career?


Is too much of a good thing really that bad? When it comes to specializations, they are proven to be invaluable assets. However, according to Bruce Harpham in an article for CIO.com, too many specializations may just limit your potential. Here are some right and wrong ways to pursue certification. Buried in Certification What exactly does IT specialization look like? Because of the 2007-2009 recession, several IT professionals altered their focus towards healthcare because of ...

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Strategies for ITSM Planning that Do Not Fail


Attempting to map out the shape of IT service management (ITSM) often results in something resembling a tangle of wires and is no less frustrating to clean up. In a guest post for Joe the IT Guy, Barclay Rae recollects some workshops he has attended and the lessons learned. What he now shares are the big issues and risks ITSM needs to look for, and how they can be effectively managed. Tips from across the ...

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How to Improve Your Projects in One Hour


What can you accomplish in an hour? Maybe going through your ever-growing closet or maybe even making a nice dinner. What about improving your projects at work? In a post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin gives five tasks that not only better projects, but can be completed in an hour each: Compose some success criteria. Review the issues log. Track down colleagues. Review the to-do list. Take some photographs. Start the ...

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Technical Tip: Three Ways to Make Your Writing More Fit for Business


When people write text messages, they use every method available to shorten the sentences – no punctuation, acronyms and symbols, even truncated words. The concept is that nothing matters but getting your point across in as few characters as possible. That is fine for the outside world. The business world, however, is a totally different arena. When you need to write something in the professional world, you cannot use the same shortcuts used for texting. ...

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Formal Communication Will Not Save Your Project from Failure


We often hear that communication is important while managing a project. It is often said that it is a significant role of a project manager. It can be true at times. And if your project has the following characteristics, communication will be even more critical: Large project team Numerous stakeholders Groups with diverse point of views and objectives Groups with conflicting schedule High level of complexity High level of uncertainty In such context, mastering communication ...

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8 Tips for Managing Outsourced Projects


Instead of thinking about how dangerous bad communication is to a project, think about how wonderful good communication is! A project’s success is all but guaranteed when everyone is in the loop and informed on what is taking place. In an article for CIO.com, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff elaborates on manners in which to improve communication, especially for a project that is outsourced. Tips for the Best Outsourcing Help the outsourced partner understand the business values. ...

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