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Diverse Teams Perform Better Because They’re Less Comfortable


A regular trend in studies of successful businesses is that they feature more diversity in their workforce. Why this is the case has not been explored in depth until now. In an article for Harvard Business Review, David Rock, Heidi Grant Halvorson, and Jacqui Grey believe they have found a valid explanation: Diverse team members need to work harder to get along, and that hard work translates into better business results. Not So Black and ...

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8 Things All Bad Project Managers Have in Common


Not every project manager is an ace. If that were the case, projects would almost never fail, and we would be living in a business utopia. Instead, we deal with the reality that there are a lot of project managers out there who do not really know what they are doing. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall pinpoints eight things that always seem to happen with unskilled or unenlightened project managers: ...

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Shin Godzilla: An Unexpectedly Agile Monster Movie


Last weekend, I had the good fortune to catch a limited screening of Shin Godzilla (sometimes known as Godzilla Resurgence), a brand new Japanese reboot of the classic franchise. Not to be confused with the 2014 American film, this movie puts Godzilla back in Tokyo, where he promptly destroys everything. Yet there is a baffling second nemesis at the forefront of the movie: government bureaucracy. Equally surprising, a shift toward agile practices seems to be ...

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10 Aspects of Running IT as a Business


People spend so much time pretending IT is a separate entity from the business. CIOs might as well take an optimistic spin on that notion by running IT with a business mentality. In an article for, David Chou details 10 items that factor into managing IT like a business, inspiring greater success along the way: Starting with the right philosophy IT budgeting Investment planning Chargeback/show-back Benchmarking Cost optimization Performance metrics Clearly defining IT processes ...

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6 Secrets to Success of the Top IT Companies in the World


The IT industry thrives as one overall organism, but it is no secret that a few companies stand far above the others in terms of size and notoriety. In an article for Business 2 Community, Barbara McKinney examines what behaviors distinguish businesses like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle from the others. Putting aside obvious factors like great management, she shares six actions these top businesses take: Hire fast and fire slow Take care of their people ...

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The 5 Things Developers Expect from a Project Manager


Consultant software engineer Federico Tomassetti understands the great power of project managers—power that can help or destroy a team. Healthy relationships must be maintained between project managers and their developers if success is to result. In an article for DZone, Tomassetti shares five things developers expect you as the project manager to do: Communicate business priorities and consider technical priorities. Inform developers about deadlines well in advance. Manage communications. Shield developers from issues. Make sure ...

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5 Small IT Inefficiencies with Big Consequences


Little cracks in the pillars of the IT organization can add up to some Samson-level chaos if you do not stay vigilant. In an article for Computerworld, Bart Perkins identifies some IT inefficiencies that seem bearable on the surface but are actually rotting away at the foundation. Beware these five: Unapproved projects Poor technology-purchasing practices Internal processes that aren’t clear Ill-suited infrastructure Poorly-run meetings Foundation Repair Not every project is a mission-critical explosion of innovation. ...

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3 Books That Will Make You a Better Project Manager


What are you doing to become a better project manager? The Project Management Institute (PMI) says that the ideal skill set of a project manager is a combination of technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise. The days where a project manager provided mostly technical skills are long gone. Yes, project managers still need to develop project schedules, manage risks, calculate reserves, and manage requirements. But the best project managers also know how to ...

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Defining Status Metrics: RAG, Trends, and Transitions


A former colleague of mine, Rob Young, recently lamented the lack of rigor in governance by new project managers. This is especially evident in red / amber / green (RAG) summaries in status reports, where a failing project can still be reported as green. “Clearly, there needs to be a common understanding of the status metric that is being reported against and the rationale for moving between statuses.” Rob is absolutely correct: You can’t manage what ...

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8 Tips to Better Respond to Unrealistic Demands


At some point, someone will try to assign you work that is borderline impossible to complete. In such times, you can either buy a book of the occult and sell your soul to complete the task on time, or you can learn some strategies for responding to these requests. In a guest post for the Project Risk Coach, Colin Gautrey would prefer you stay away from the New Age section of the bookstore and review ...

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