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How to Deal with a Boss Who Behaves Unpredictably


One minute your boss is hot, the next your boss is cold. One day the biggest ally and the next a mortal enemy. This can make any employee’s head spin about how their boss feels towards them. But you need to realize it is not your fault, and more than likely it has nothing to do with you. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Carolyn O’Hara offers six ways to deal with a moody ...

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10 Common Problems Project Teams Face


Project managers can get so bombarded by the day-to-day busyness that we sometimes do not address concerns like we should. Issues fall to the wayside in the hopes they will dissolve or resolve on their own. Sadly, that is not reality. Instead, Mandy Flint says in a post for the Association for Project Management that we must get proactive. Flint addresses 10 common problems project teams face: Lack of trust Conflict and tension Not sharing ...

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Redundancy: You Can Say That Again!


On Monday, August 8, the Atlanta headquarters of Delta Airlines suffered an “electrical problem” at about 2:30 a.m. Technicians from Georgia Power quickly determined that it was a failed switchgear, a high-capacity circuit breaker box that routes power from two or more sources to the various systems that use it. It allows the orderly disconnect of power for service—until it fails, of course. This particular failure was important because the switchgear provided power to Delta’s ...

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How Anyone (Even You!) Can Improve Problem Management


The value realization that problem management brings to the table in the reduction or elimination of incidents is something that, unfortunately, is left as an afterthought in many cases. As I mentioned in previous articles, incident management is driven by the “hero” mentality, where change management is seen as a function of audit and compliance. For right or for wrong these are the realities, and teams may see more of a requirement to perform the ...

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6 Steps to Rescue a Problem Client


As Mike Sisco says in an article for, “You cannot solves a client’s problem unless you can quantify the specific issues that are causing the problem(s).” In other words, if people are running around with their hair on fire, you might want to find out which of your services is starting fires. Sisco offer six steps to rescue a client who is not happy with you: Listen. Quantify the issue. Gain client agreement on ...

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Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders


Today, businesses’ methods of developing leaders are not conducive to success. In fact, the exact opposite of what needs to be done is being carried out. To make matters worse, research suggests that one in three employees do not trust their employer. Deborah Rowland explains in an article for Harvard Business Review why the vast majority of leadership development programs are ineffective, and how they can be remedied. Rethinking What Leading Is Leadership programs are ...

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How to Lead Change on a Project


Project management historically creates value by delivering results and outcomes through people. Today’s organizations need to recognize the conscious awareness of the impacts and implications of how projects bring about change. A few years ago, I attended the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) and heard great stories on how to make change. It’s my experience and philosophy that projects are a place for innovation, change, and leadership that may include failure and success along the way. ...

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The Programmer’s Guide to Breaking into Management


In an article for Infoworld, Paul Heltzel notes that successful software development requires leaders and producers. Are you an excellent producer yet strive to be a leader? Heltzel gathers industry insights into how to make the transition. The Will to Power For starters, realize management is not all about cheerily guiding people to greatness. It is also about having a tolerance for criticism and monitoring risks, in addition to being able to make hard decisions ...

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The Gartner 2017 CIO Agenda


It is time again to look into the future. For its annual CIO Agenda Report, Gartner has surveyed nearly 2,600 CIOs from 93 countries representing $292 billion in IT spending. The end result is a picture of what Gartner calls the digital ecosystem, “an interdependent group of actors (enterprises, people, things) sharing standardized digital platforms to achieve a mutually beneficial purpose.” Evolve and Thrive Together The most successful digital businesses are acting in a digital ...

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The State of Project Portfolio Management in 2016


An Overview: Why Do We Need PPM? There is no denying that project portfolio management (PPM) has gone through various stages of transformation over the last 15 years: since the early phase where there was total ambiguity about the PPM discipline, to a more recent scenario where Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is considered a catalyst for solving all project-related concerns. Today, PPM is a valuable answer for any project management office (PMO) willing to better ...

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