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How to Stop Making Costly IT Contract Mistakes


It is no secret that proper contract management is necessary in order for the company to avoid exorbitantly costly mistakes, but how can people avoid these types of errors? Nobody wants to sign their life away. In an article for, Sarah K. White elaborates on how to best avoid IT contract mistakes. Confirm Details, Then Revise CEO of Corridor Company Russ Edelman believes there are three common trends that are causing contracts to be ...

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How to Be an Inclusive IT Leader without Including Everyone


Gaining support and having a consensus amongst a group is often the make-it or break-it factor in implementing change. However, reaching agreement with a large group of people is not always possible because of time constraints. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Peter Weis explains how to be inclusive without including everyone. Close-Enough Inclusion Different situations demand for varied leadership styles. For example, in a scenario where there are many large decisions that all ...

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4 Ways That ‘Little’ Innovations Are Critical to Your Business


Innovation is what differentiates one company from the next. Perhaps your company will pursue the mission of creating a product to end world hunger, or maybe you will discover the answer to preventing dust. Whatever your vision, innovation is a vital aspect of a company’s investment–even the little ones that do not solve huge problems. In an article for strategy+business, Andrew Hargadon shares four reasons why little innovation is a great thing: Innovation is a ...

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Seizing Opportunity: The Current State of ITSM


Overview: A CIO’s Priority There is no denying that businesses worldwide run on applications and data. However, the success quotient of any business relies on its IT infrastructure and network as they support and carry the applications that represent the essence of an organization. Thus, keeping these things up and running, connected, and responsive is on the top priority list of today’s CIO. In this regard, these are the key concern areas dreaded by a ...

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What Makes a High-Performing Project Team?


What is the secret sauce, that doctored up jar of Ragú that turns a team into a lean, mean project-completing machine? In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen pinpoints the factors that optimize team effectiveness. If your team can embody these principles, you will be savoring the taste of success for years to come. A Recipe for Productivity Madsen says groups like MIT and Google have not found correlations ...

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Be Yourself, but Carefully: Harvard’s 5 Best Authenticity Tips


Ostensibly, everyone values sincerity. But what most people fail to realize is that there is no one golden way to be sincere, and being sincere in the wrong ways can backfire. Lisa Rosh and Lynn Offermann explain in an article for Harvard Business Review. Authentic without the Awkward To use sincerity effectively, you must first be self-aware of your values and skills and how others in the work environment perceive you. Self-awareness and communication skills ...

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How to Keep Your Risk Management Genuinely Simple


Author William Gaddis once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The best project managers understand project management and know how to keep things simple. Some project managers are guilty of using complex risk management processes and lingo that few people understand. Team members finds themselves lost. They may be thinking, “What planet is this guy from? Sheesh!!” Risk management does not have to be complicated. Really. Allow me to share seven simple ways to manage ...

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Break the Geek Stereotype: How a CIO Can Become a CEO


Making the leap from CIO to CEO is a chasm jump, especially because of the backlash from other members of the business. CIO capabilities are not always valued compared to those of traditional leadership roles. But all hope is not lost! In an article for Computing, Sooraj Shah shares how to break out of the mold and make the successful transition from CIO to CEO. The Final Frontier There are a plethora of success stories ...

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Is Your Company Limiting Your Project Success?


Despite their best intentions, people can be really good at sabotaging their own success. By extension, this idea applies to businesses too, except in this case it can cost millions of dollars and damage morale. In an article for, Bas de Baat examines some of the ways that businesses unintentionally limit the success of their projects. Can you relate to these problems? Three Barriers De Baat rattles off a list of ways that companies ...

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Risk and Rio: Where to Begin?


The Olympics are well underway, and already risks have been averted and risks have been realized. In conducting any kind of comprehensive risk analysis of the Rio Olympic Games, the challenging question is where to begin. The Olympic Games have a history of risk. But when examining the Games as a project, those in charge would be wise to take a project management perspective. That means by establishing the risk boundaries for the entire event ...

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