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The Seven-Step Model for Managing Project Quality


When it comes to quality, everyone wants to claim that they have the best of the best, but do they really? Unfortunately, organizations too often fall short in the quality department. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Kenneth Rose establishes a step-by-step plan to help managers ensure quality. There are seven steps to success: Identifying the customer Identifying requirements Establishing specifications Quality assurance Quality assurance plan Quality control Continuous improvement The Look of ...

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5 Lesser-Known Tricks to Make Your Meetings More Productive


The office life is rampant with dull meetings and uninspired lectures. Although the material itself may be important for the audience to retain, it is presented in a fashion that is more likely to inspire a nap than hard work. In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland shares five tricks of the trade to keep those attendees awake and focused on the important information at hand: Say no to whiteboards. Avoid those morning and ...

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What to Do When IT Plateaus


I want you to visualize this… It is Monday morning and you are heading into work with all the optimism in the world. You get into the elevator and a few senior managers from your business units are there. You nod and hit 27 on the elevator. The woman says to the man already inside, “Wow, we really had application issues over the weekend.” The man says, “Yeah, what else is new?” Your optimism is ...

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6 Ways You’re Getting Teamwork Wrong


Teamwork can help to inspire innovative ideas, as well as better manage a long project to-do list. However, if you do not know how to use teamwork properly, you could make things worse instead of better. In an article for CIO.com, Sharon Florentine elaborates on simple ideas that can help maximize the potential of teamwork. There are six areas of flawed teamwork that need some reworking: Understanding what actually makes a good team The overemphasis ...

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Manage Work, Not People: Does a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) Work for You?


As companies try to reduce turnover and engage employees, the traditional ways we work are changing. Employees desire more flexibility now than ever before. Most adults work outside of the home in today’s society. This trend leaves tired, stressed parents to care for children, attend school functions, and do housework. In turn, neither adult can offload their non-work responsibilities to another person, and each feels overloaded with time pressures. When a person has too much ...

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5 Unconventional Practices for Exceptional Business Strategy


It is the challenges in life that make for stronger people. This remains true when it comes to businesses. Most major companies have strategic challenges they need to overcome in order to become successful. In an article for PwC’s strategy+business, Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi explore what the successful businesses are incorporating into their strategy. There are five unconventional practices: Commit to an identity. Incorporate the strategy into the everyday. Remember work culture. Cut costs. ...

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6 Ways to Grow Your Team Members that Will Please Clients


In state government IT, teams very likely will be made up of a blend of state employees and consultants. These days, skilled workers are not content to keep the same skills. They hunger for newer and better ways to develop solutions. These are exactly the type of consultant you want on your team, but you won’t keep them long if you don’t make an effort to help them in their development. You as the project ...

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The New Work-Life Equation: Better Life for Better Work


There is more to life than the monotony of soul-crushing office work. In an article for The New York Times Magazine, Susan Dominus shares critical emerging insights on changing attitudes to the work-life equation that could rewrite what it means to be happy with your job. Make this a must-read. The Case for Getting a Life Phyllis Moen, a professor at the University of Minnesota, was made a widow while her children were still quite ...

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Business and Technology Transformation Leadership: The Critical Factor


Today’s technology-enabled business landscape, rapid innovations, new business models, intense competition, global operating environment, constraining legacy systems, increasing regulations, and ever-changing customer expectations are making the business environment highly complex. Organizational transformation is the complex endeavor of innovating and redesigning the organization, which significantly impacts all or most aspects of the business. The Business Problem Many recurring research studies by Economist Intelligence Unit, Project Management Institute, McKinsey, et al. over the last few years have ...

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How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful than You


Whether it is an argument about where to go for dinner or a spat over who the best team is, everyone has disagreements on a regular basis. What may be problematic, and intimidating, is when these disagreements are with a person who has more power than you. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Amy Gallo explores some options when you have a different idea than your superiors. The Thrilla over Vanilla Envelopes It is ...

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