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Getting Past 4 Common Workplace Fears

The workplace can be a spooky place for various reasons. In an article for Forbes, Glenn Llopis discusses how to work through four of the most common fears. The first fear is of the boss. Sometimes, fear of the boss is unfounded. Other times, bosses use fear as a means to maintain order when they lack the skills to lead effectively. In either case, employees should get to understand their bosses’ weaknesses and express their ...

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Can Amazon’s 30-Hour Workweek Work for You?

Amazon is taking a “few dozen” full-time employees to enter a pilot program for a 30-hour workweek. They receive 75 percent of their salary and retain all benefits. Could this become a trend for the future? And could such a program fall within the realm of possibility for your business too? Meredith Rhodes explores the potential merits in an article for Business 2 Community. The Changing Length of a Week The Bureau of Labor Statistics ...

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The Dark Side of High Employee Engagement

Although employee engagement is generally a good thing, high engagement actually does not guarantee high productivity. In fact, high engagement can sometimes transmogrify into a “too much of a good thing” scenario. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Lewis Garrad and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic provide four examples of how engagement can go bad: Embracing the status quo Pushing employees into burnout Giving an unfair edge to certain personality types Undermining the benefits of negative thinking ...

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Data on Why Your Workplace Wellness Program Isn’t Working

As Ed O’Boyle and Jim Harter share for Gallup, only 60 percent of U.S. employees are aware their company offers a wellness program, and only 40 percent of those people actually use the program. In an article, they offer more numbers on the current state of affairs. For starters, engaged employees are 28 percent more likely to participate in wellness programs, so a lack of participation could potentially (emphasis on potentially) be a sign of ...

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4 Things Employees Hate about IT (and How to Fix Them)

Some IT departments just have it together better than others. In an article for, Sharon Florentine elaborates on the results of a user satisfaction survey by Green Elephant, which uncovered what grievances employees have with IT. There are four areas employees are most dissatisfied with in IT: Basic equipment Bring your own device (BYOD) Help desk Management of common assets Putting the GRR in Great Employees spend on average five-and-a-half hours a day working ...

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HR Insights: Working with Remote Employees

This is the third in a series of interviews with Gail Rolls on critical HR topics. The first and second interviews may be viewed here and here respectively. We live in a digital world in which working remotely is becoming more and more common. In an interview I conducted with Gail Rolls, Senior IT Recruiter and Career Development Consultant for Computer Aid, I sought to learn how remote employees impact Computer Aid. Here are her ...

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What to Do If You’re Worried Employees Aren’t Thrilled with You

You try to be the best boss you can be, but you are still worried you might rub some employees the wrong way. Nicole Fallon Taylor discusses what can be done at Business News Daily. The different perspective between a boss and employee can sometimes be to blame, as the two roles often value different things. In many cases though, the boss cannot be sure something is wrong with his or her management style until ...

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How to Encourage Your Top IT Employees

When you work diligently to complete something you want to be recognized, or at least appreciated and encouraged to continue your superb work. The best IT employees need this type of satisfaction, in a non-cliché way, in order to continue working this well. In an article for InformationWeek, CIO Jonathon Feldman discusses how to best give “the gift of accomplishment.” There are four ways to best IT encourage employees: Minimize the amount of meetings. Encourage ...

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How Workplace Distractions Can Actually Improve Productivity

Forget everything you have been told and start talking to the person beside you. Conversing with your neighbor and having a little workplace distraction here and there will actually boost your productivity. In an article for, Sharon Florentine discusses how workplace distractions can improve productivity. Goof Off, Work Harder In a recent study conducted by the human resources information systems company BambooHR, 1,005 U.S.-based employees were polled. The study uncovered that despite previous media-driven perceptions, talking ...

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The Culture of Sharing: New Learning for Service Management Staff

What is the foundation for performance of an organization? The people in the organization, and their capabilities, are the greatest asset and indicator of performance success. In a post for All Things ITSM, Michelle Major-Goldsmith elaborates on the importance of continuous learning and sustainable knowledge for those working in service management. There are a variety of different learning styles, and it all depends on the personality of the individual. The primary focus of the service management ...

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