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Are You a Decisive or Divisive Decision-Maker?

As a leader you are bombarded with decisions daily. Some are much bigger than others. With that being said, there are two styles of decision-making. One leads to division and disharmony. The other leads to understanding and commitment. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Lynda Bourne thoroughly explains these two styles. Making Decisions That Get Supported First, you have the divisive decision-makers, who value looking strong and fast. Even when their input is …

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Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Decisions That Bleed Projects Dry

Decisions in project management From the project initiation to project closure, decisions are an essential part of project management. For simple projects, it will rarely be an issue. The most usual problem would be that project decisions are only made informally. There is a temptation on simple projects to keep processes simple. However, while it is important to keep the processes aligned with the size of the project, it is essential to correctly manage decisions. …

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Three Roles of Senior Leaders in IT Governance

If IT is not properly supporting all the initiatives that matter to the business, weak IT governance could be to blame. Do not feel bad if this sounds like your organization. IT alignment is still an area that many business executives are struggling to integrate. In an article for the Wall Street Journal‘s Deloitte Insights, it is explained why a CIO cannot achieve perfect governance without senior support. A Little Help from My Friends Could …

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Are You Really Collaborating? Too Much Communication Also Kills Projects

The value of collaboration within a project Project management is very task-oriented: focused defining and managing of all the tasks that must be done to achieve a specific objective. To accomplish these tasks, it is important to consider the people involved and impacted by the project. A good project leader will be able to develop a positive working relationship and maximize communication within the project. Let’s take the development of an enterprise IT application to support …

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Lead

Not everyone can take the lead all the time, but it still pays if all employees have the ability to think like leaders. In an article for Inc., Peter Economy shares five tips on how to encourage leadership. First, when possible and practical, build cross-functional teams and allow individuals to take on formal and informal leadership roles within these teams. This will allow them to develop a perspective outside of their own niche. Another thing …

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