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The Rise of the Creative CIO

Harvey Nash and KPMG have released a survey about the rising influence of CIOs today in a report called The Creative CIO. Dennis McCafferty shares some of its key insights in a slideshow for CIO Insight. Let’s see how imaginative these people actually are. So-So Creative McCafferty begins by giving the overall picture of the report: … far more CIOs expect to expand staffing to pursue… goals in comparison to those who anticipate a decrease …

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Creative Genius: Tapping the Edison Within

Ever wonder why some people seem so darned creative? The answer is because they, like you, see problems every single day. Something breaks too often. Something seems too difficult when it shouldn’t be. A solution is missing. In the classic television series Star Trek, Captain James Kirk actually sums up the sentiment of many when he says, “Genius doesn’t work on an assembly line basis. You can’t simply say, Today I will be brilliant.” (Episode: …

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Six Secrets to True Originality

In a sea of cookie cutter clones, most people aspire to have some level of originality. But being original is not the easiest thing to achieve, in business or otherwise. In an article for McKinsey & Company, author and professor Adam Grant shares six secrets to being original that you probably have never heard before: Have many ideas. Judge ideas creatively. Never think you are too old. Avoid groupthink. Learn the art of procrastination. Stick …

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IT Integration: More Than ‘Nice to Have’

In a technology-driven world, why is IT still operating like a solitary island in each organization? The business and IT are not two separate entities; rather, they should be working collectively to better the organization as a whole. In a post for All Things ITSM, Kirstie Magowan shares how to change this rigid mindset and make IT a cornerstone of the business. Align and Improve IT tends to think very highly of themselves, because they …

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