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How a Computer Science Background Can Make You a Better Leader

There are many experts who claim they know the secret to being a successful leader, but in a technology-driven world is the answer as simple as having a background in computer science? In an article for Forbes, Laurence Bradford discusses the success of the cofounder and CEO of Reelio, Peter Borum. Borum to Lead Borum earned a Music, Science and Technology degree from Stanford, and he accredits this to a great deal of his success. …

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Securing Your Computer to the Fullest Extent

The only perfectly secure computer is turned off, disconnected, and kept in a safe. This is true but of no use. If you are looking for something a little more useful, start by considering what kinds of data you are protecting. Most of us are protecting banking, tax and credit card data, medical data, memorabilia such as pictures and movies, and access to the Internet. If you are protecting data more sensitive than that, you …

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