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Alleged Volatility for the CIO in 2017

What does the universe have in store for CIOs and IT this year? Well, probably more of the same, but news outlets are going to pretend that 2017 is a crazy new horizon for technology anyway. In an article for InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares findings from Forrester’s Predictions 2017: CIOs Push for Speed Amid Volatility research. The key term in their research is “customer-obsessed.” The Usual Turbulence Yep, CIOs need to become more customer-driven and ...

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What CEOs Expect from Their CIO

Now that CIOs are taking on further responsibility, CEOs are reevaluating what roles and responsibilities CIOs need to take on. And according to a 2016 Harvey Nash survey, more CIOs (34%) report directly to the CEO than ever before. As well, more have seats on the board than ever before (45%). In an article for CIO UK, Pat Brans talks about what CEOs are now expecting of their CIOs. Great Expectations CEOs now want their ...

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3 Ways CIOs Must Adapt amid ‘Digital Darwinism’

Animals adapt to changing habitats. Businesses must adapt to changing technology, like the cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things. CIOs regardless of industry need to be ready for the evolution. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Michael Segal describes the three actions CIOs must take: observe, plan, and embrace. Agility at Work Observe entails that you “Survey your surroundings and anticipate ever-changing consumer demand and preferences.” You have probably heard the examples ...

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The Rise of the Creative CIO

Harvey Nash and KPMG have released a survey about the rising influence of CIOs today in a report called The Creative CIO. Dennis McCafferty shares some of its key insights in a slideshow for CIO Insight. Let’s see how imaginative these people actually are. So-So Creative McCafferty begins by giving the overall picture of the report: … far more CIOs expect to expand staffing to pursue… goals in comparison to those who anticipate a decrease ...

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5 Ways CIOs Can Drive Profitable Customer Experiences

IT plays a very pertinent role when it comes to the overall customer experience. When the customer is happy, the business is happy and better poised to excel, so providing a positive customer experience is invaluable. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Dan Roy shares five ways that CIOs can help to deliver a profitable customer experience: Discourage use of shadow IT. Make sure new systems integrate. Encourage collaboration between marketing and IT. Reconsider ...

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CIOs & Robots: What’s the Best Way to Use Automation in Business?

Automation is becoming more and more prominent in the workplace, and as much as 70 percent of executives state that they are planning to increase their investments in these technologies. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores the implications of robots and automation on businesses and how CIOs should react. The digital revolution is well underway, and the final, and largest, piece of this puzzle is automation, according to Alastair Behenna, an experienced IT ...

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8 Top Skills of the Best CIOs and Business Technology Leaders

Some say that leaders in the technology sector need to be chameleons, able to change with their environment, but they would probably be better off as octopuses. They can blend in too, but with the benefit of many extra arms! In an article for CIO UK, Arif Harbott explores eight skills a technology leader needs to possess in order to make an impact: Foremost, be a business leader See and experience Take responsibility Be bold ...

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Do Hunches Beat Facts in CIO Decision-Making?

Cold hard facts are always the way to make decisions, right? Actually, many CIOs often take a more whimsical approach and go off their hunches instead of the facts. In an article for, Paul Rubens explores why the facts are often dismissed when hunches contradict. Just the Hunches, Ma’am A study by Colt Technology Services uncovered that 71 percent of senior IT members believe that their personal experience is more indicative of success than ...

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How the CIO Can Have a Successful Relationship with the CEO

Today’s technology-driven world has only amplified the necessity of a CIO. However, technology is not all that matters in the IT world. In an article for TechRadar, Rene Millman elaborates on the area a CIO must never underestimate: having a positive relationship with the CEO. CEO BFF One of the biggest factors in a CIO and CEO relationship is understanding what the CEO wants. Presently, it is expected that IT systems should be able to ...

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Is Your CIO To-Do List Stopping You from Getting Anything Done?

The CIO has a to-do list that seems never-ending. They receive demands for innovation, must keep up with their own day-to-day operations, and engage their peers. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores some tips that will help to keep the CIO’s to-do list from becoming an unstoppable beast. There are four tactics to follow in an effort to manage a grueling to-do list: Take a pragmatic approach to planning. Review priorities. Meet new ...

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