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Who Is Your Transformation Leader?

Being a leader means nothing if you are not effective, especially when it comes to transitioning and transformation. When selecting the person at the head of a transformation, their effectiveness in helping to shape the vision and guide strategy is essential. In an article from Deloitte, suggestions are given on what to look for when picking an effective leader for transformation. Transformational Traits First, this person should have a deep knowledge of the organization. The ...

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After M&A: Three Next Steps for the CIO

In a best-case scenario, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an exciting period of growth. They also pose a giant can of technical worms. In an article for Forbes, Larry Biagini shares three steps CIOs can take to stay on top of and manage change: Communicate like crazy. Assess your risk. Integrate the players. Eye of the Storm It should be unsurprising that getting a hold on communication is the first step. CIOs need to ensure ...

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Why the CIO Is Essential to Digital Transformation

While 97% of businesses are taking on some digital initiatives, only 21% have implemented a company-wide digital transformation strategy, according to a recent survey from SAP and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey also found that the CIO is leading 37% of digital transformation efforts, but the IT team is only involved in finding innovative strategies 7% of the time. Alison DeNisco goes over why the CIO is essential to digital transformation for Tech Republic. ...

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Skills the CIO Wants from the CDO

With the recent and rapid growth of the CDO’s role changing to support the CIO, many are left unclear on the skills and requirements needed to help transition smoothly to this shift. In an article written by Chloe Dobinson in CIO UK, four skills are discussed that every CIO wants from their CDO: Analytically-minded Security-aware Strategic Grasps the business Not-So-Surprising Qualities First, CDOs need to create a data and analytics strategy in gathering information across ...

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3 Reasons Every CIO Should Work Closely with the CMO

Everyone in the C-suite has the same ultimate goal: build a better business that generates more revenue and creates more satisfied customers. So it would make sense if the C-suite worked together more often. In an article for CIO UK, Chloe Dobinson shares three benefits to the CIO and the CMO working together: They build a common language. They can better target content to their audience. Stronger cross-teams and better branding result. Chiefs More CIOs ...

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Time to Discard Non-Compete Clauses?

Everybody hates theft, and theft of ideas might be the most personal form of them all. Non-compete clauses exist to limit how much of your business’s knowledge an exiting employee can take with him or her and potentially use against you in the future. Are such practices really practical though? In an article for InformationWeek, Jordan Cram, CEO of Enstoa, discusses why he decided to get rid of non-compete clauses. Non-Non-Compete For starters, enterprise value ...

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Will CIOs Take Ownership of Stakeholder Happiness?

The most successful businesses are relentlessly improving their customer experience, externally and internally. As a result, CIOs are coming to realize how important it could be to consumerize IT and create great experiences for stakeholders. In an article for ZDNet, Dion Hinchcliffe shares observations on this expanding phenomenon. Chief Emotion Engineer? The new CIO of SAP, Thomas Saueressig, advocates happiness as a competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction is his “most important KPI.” He in turn ...

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Does Anyone Want to Be a CIO Anymore?

Tom Davenport, the President’s Distinguished Professor of IT and Management at Babson College, makes a provocative observation about CIOs: He does not think anyone wants to become one anymore. How could this be? In an article for Fortune, he elaborates on why he believes the CIO role is falling out of favor. CIOs Disassembled Davenport in fact believes interest in the CIO position has been on the decline as far back as the dot-com bust. ...

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Gartner vs. Forrester: Where Does the CIO Stand?

CMO Keith Alsheimer believes that IT too often places itself in the middle of fights that do not need to be won. “Open source vs. proprietary.  Java vs. .Net.  Linux vs. Unix,” etc. The current battle is between Gartner’s bimodal IT approach and Forrester’s opposing perspective. In an article for Information Age, Alsheimer discusses the conflict and what it should mean to the CIO. The Division Gartner’s division of IT into two artificial parts (Modes ...

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Three Things Every CEO Should Learn from the CIO

CEOs do not have enough time to know everything about the business, but they need to make time to learn a little of everything. This is especially true where technology is concerned in today’s society. In an article for CIO UK, Pat Brans highlights three essentials CEOs should learn from their CIO: A basic understanding of IT Business transformation and change management Cost-cutting and supplier management Chief of Information Indeed As the common refrains goes, ...

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