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Why the CIO Is Essential to Digital Transformation

While 97% of businesses are taking on some digital initiatives, only 21% have implemented a company-wide digital transformation strategy, according to a recent survey from SAP and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey also found that the CIO is leading 37% of digital transformation efforts, but the IT team is only involved in finding innovative strategies 7% of the time. Alison DeNisco goes over why the CIO is essential to digital transformation for Tech Republic. ...

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What CEOs Expect from Their CIO

Now that CIOs are taking on further responsibility, CEOs are reevaluating what roles and responsibilities CIOs need to take on. And according to a 2016 Harvey Nash survey, more CIOs (34%) report directly to the CEO than ever before. As well, more have seats on the board than ever before (45%). In an article for CIO UK, Pat Brans talks about what CEOs are now expecting of their CIOs. Great Expectations CEOs now want their ...

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Six Ways to Fix the IT Skills Shortage

CompTIA research yielded the results that eight in 10 US businesses are being negatively impacted by the lack of technology talent. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels offers six suggestions to ignite change: Think differently around your best business practices. Encourage people to switch departments. Source new types of agile thinking. Build a proper apprenticeship program. Make sure younger workers focus on newer ideas. Give students the opportunity to experiment. Short on Luck One ...

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Use Stories to Sell IT Projects to the Business Effectively

Anyone can have an earthshattering idea. Not just anyone can find the funding to make the idea a reality. For IT leaders looking to gain support for their next big project, they better have a strategy. In an article for InformationWeek, Curtis Franklin Jr. shares his thoughts on how to get the executives to nod their heads for new IT projects. The Plot of Funding Franklin believes storytelling is the key to getting approval for ...

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The 5 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline

Having a strong financial pipeline is what every company wants to attain, correct? Well, to do so you must have a strong leadership pipeline. They are directly correlated, according to John Bersin in an article for Harvard Business Review. He addresses five elements of tackling this successfully from a study he conducted involving over 2,000 companies. Enabling Leadership Reliably The first element is culture. Every member of the team must feel the freedom to lead ...

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How to Minimize Bureaucracy as Your Business Grows

Slowly but surely, you can dismantle the bureaucracy in your business one tactic at a time. In an article for Intuit, John Boitnott discusses the tactics at your disposal. The first of them is to avoid segmentation of the workforce; get people involved in various aspects of the business so that they are not utterly dependent on other people for certain work to proceed. Always be looking to reduce how many levels of approval must ...

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6 Secrets to Success of the Top IT Companies in the World

The IT industry thrives as one overall organism, but it is no secret that a few companies stand far above the others in terms of size and notoriety. In an article for Business 2 Community, Barbara McKinney examines what behaviors distinguish businesses like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle from the others. Putting aside obvious factors like great management, she shares six actions these top businesses take: Hire fast and fire slow Take care of their people ...

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8 Books to Read to Improve Business Writing in All Respects

Can reading make you a better writer? It depends what you decide to read. Kaleigh Moore offers her eight recommendations for reading material that will bolster your word powers across the board: Writing That Works: How to Communicate Effectively in Business, by Kenneth Roman, which offers comprehensive introductory tips Words That Sell, by Richard Bayan, a seminal work for using language to increase sales HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by Bryan A. Garner, a ...

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How to Improve Your Business Writing

Communication is the lifeblood of business, and most of that communication is written down. Bad writing is a legitimate handicap to business. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Carolyn O’Hara shares some tips to amp up your business writing. For starters, people commonly work out their perspective about something while they are writing about it. That stream of consciousness arrival at what one really means does not make for good writing though. Think about ...

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Can Amazon’s 30-Hour Workweek Work for You?

Amazon is taking a “few dozen” full-time employees to enter a pilot program for a 30-hour workweek. They receive 75 percent of their salary and retain all benefits. Could this become a trend for the future? And could such a program fall within the realm of possibility for your business too? Meredith Rhodes explores the potential merits in an article for Business 2 Community. The Changing Length of a Week The Bureau of Labor Statistics ...

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