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Create a Customer-First Supply Chain for True Transformation

You either accommodate the customer, or somebody else will. Susan Fourtané writes about how to transform supply chains via the most practical means in an article for EBN. Do it for the Customer The first thing to remember about a transformation is that the spirit of the organization and its goals need to stay intact. In other words, a kitten cannot and should not grow up to be a gorilla. What happens instead is that …

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In Search of the Major Attributes of Supply Chain Leadership

What are the elements that define a supply chain leader? Steve Banker takes a unique approach to answering this question. He goes through a series of scenarios where leaders would like to improve service but cannot due to a lack of corporate support. Reaching for That Brass Ring Just the manufacturing and logistics costs of adding a stock keeping unit (SKU) can be very costly—over $100,000 at one consumer durables company. SKUs should be removed …

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What Supply Chain Managers Need to Know About Climate Change

Being a leader means keeping abreast of potential risks as they occur, and in supply chain, climate change is one of the largest creeping fears on the horizon. Srini Vasan writes for Triple Pundit about the details you need to manage in your supply chain as the world literally changes. The Hot Topic Vasan highlights some of the main points from an OXFAM discussion paper about how to handle climate change: Adopt a culture of …

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The Bullwhip Effect and Your Supply Chain

In supply chain, the “bullwhip effect” is when customer demand (the handle of the whip) causes increasingly large swings in inventory (or “waves” of the whip leaving the handle) as you go further back in the chain. Brent Misso writes for Entrepreneu

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Saving Supply Chain Mid-Management Talent

The number of vacant positions in supply chain is trending up at an alarming rate, with 49 percent of the shortage belonging to middle-management positions. Susan Fourtané writes about how to salvage the situation. She says supply chain leaders

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5 things failure teaches leaders

Glen Llopis isn't scared of failure. Failure is something that new leaders fear - it's something that they try hard to escape, panic during, and try not to talk about afterward. Llopis looks at failure in a different light, however, as someo

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10 Commandments of Leadership

Do you know the 10 commandments of Leadership? Take a look at what Lt Colonel Saundra J. Reinke - Vice Commander, Community College of the Air Force lists as those commandments that every good leader should follow. You may be surprised to find that

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