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Gamifying Logistics

Games are fun, encouraging, rewarding, and collaborative, all of which you want to see more of in your supply chain. Neelam Singh writes about how to gamify logistics. It is of course easier said than done, as not every game is well-designed or engaging. Likewise, applying an effective game toward the realization of a business goal is challenging as well. Singh believes employee training might be the place where gamification is best suited, as, “Complex …

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A Radical Supply Chain Idea: Own Your Trucking Operation

As James R. Hagerty writes for The Wall Street Journal, it is commonplace for manufacturers to outsource their truck deliveries. But Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. is doing just the opposite. What might your supply chain learn from this? Leading the Fleet Ashley considers their roughly 800 owned and operated trucks to be a core competency. In fact, they are so efficient that they can even charge other companies a fee to haul goods for them. …

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5 Steps to Ensuring Supply Chain Metrics Align with Strategy

In a blog for North Carolina State University, Robert Handfield discusses the importance of supply metrics augmenting strategy, and he provides five steps for creating alignment. First, translate organizational objectives into potential supply chain metrics. Finalize metrics and data sources. Develop a balanced scorecard. Establish measurement requirements and owners. Lastly, measure your current performance and benchmark it against similar entities across your industry and across your company size and makeup. At the full post, he …

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4 Ways to Integrate Supply Chain Projects with Corporate Initiatives

Getting together all the required resources to start a new supply chain project can be difficult, so Godfrey Huguley writes that closely aligning the project with corporate initiatives maximizes the chance of you getting the support you need to launch the project. Here are four ways to best integrate. Integral Integration Initiation First, there is margin management, with key areas of focus like automated ordering and receiving, implementation of smart labeling, and enforcement of shipping …

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Accounting for Shifts in Retail Supply Chain Practices

The demand among consumers for more speed in the availability and delivery of goods shows no signs of declining, so supply chain leaders are having to engineer new methods to keep up. Dean Sonderegger writes about how these new methods will also require evolved accounting practices to keep up with it all. It will be tricky but necessary to track expenses and asset lifecycles reliably. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) structure may not be …

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The New Supply Chain Paradigm

The omnichannel business model is changing the way products get sold. Tom Craig believes it has redefined and expanded markets and customers in an article for JOC. This is because it a response to the changing world, where ecommerce demands immediac

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