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Healthcare Supply Chain Makes for a Difficult Patient

Supply chain management in general is not for the faint of heart, but when it comes to the healthcare supply chain, a hearty disposition becomes even more vital. Paul Martyn writes for Forbes about why healthcare poises such a unique challenge to the supply chain professional. Signs of Life The main problem is that people entering from other industries are accustomed to solutions that just do not fit healthcare well. There are numerous procurement companies …

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One of the Most Sustainable Supply Chains: Walmart?

As Steve Banker writes for Logistics Viewpoints, Walmart’s efforts at sustainability surprisingly are almost on par with the level of success enjoyed throughout the rest of the supply chain. They have efforts in place to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the waste stream, and source sustainable products. In fact, Walmart believes it can save a billion dollars on their energy bill by 2020 if they meet their targets. Since 2005, they have already improved their …

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Benchmarking Success for Supply Chain Management Professionals

Whether you are running a supply chain or selling lollipops at the elementary school fair, everybody can benefit from smart key performance indicators (KPIs). Mark Rhyman writes for Supply & Demand-Chain Executive with the KPIs that supply chain managers can use to take their processes to the next level. The KPIs that Ship Success Inventory turnover Order tracking Inventory to sales ratio Backorder rate Time from order to ship Rate of return Inventory turnover is …

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Are You Keeping Your Demand Management Process Honest?

A whitepaper for Celestica aims to help you bolster your forecast accuracy measurement and reporting. Many supply chains skimp on forecast accuracy due to the difficulty and time expense involved, which is why this whitepaper breaks the process down into three steps: Start with determining the method to calculate forecast accuracy. Determine how to calculate and eliminate any forecast bias in the process. Manage all of the data necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the …

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The Secrets of Apple’s Supply Chain

As the former supply chain chief of Hewlett-Packard says, Apple has “taken operational excellence to a level never seen before.” In an article for Bloomberg Business, Adam Satariano and Peter Burrows talk about what goes into such smooth operations. Can this success be mimicked? An Apple a Day… Essentially, Apple has created a “closed ecosystem” that allows it to control every aspect of its supply chain, making the competitively low price of the original iPad …

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Findings from the Magic Quadrant

Gartner has released its latest Magic Quadrant, and Supply Chain Digest delves into its most major insights. Within the strategic sourcing context, there are four main sources of functionality in software support. These include spend analysis, e-sourcing, contract management, and supply base management. Gartner also identifies numerous key market trends. These include a prevalence of multi-tenant SaaS delivery, a rise in mobile support and big data, and procurement as the buyer. Private cloud solutions are …

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A Supply Chain Segmentation Strategy Requires Executive Leadership

People, processes, and technology are the three factors that make or break successful strategy implementation. Steve Banker relates why executive oversight is required over all three for the best chance of success. He tells a story of a recent discussion he had in which he was moderating. An executive at an alcoholic beverage distributor lamented that he was unable to enact a strategy to determine which of his customers were most profitable. This was due …

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3 Reasons You Should Consider Revamping Your Supply Chain Networks

Is the time right to refresh your supply chain network? Bob Farrell writes for Manufacturing Business Technology with three good reasons to consider it. The first is to improve customer service. Legacy applications just are not going to be able to meet the demands that characterize the new I-ordered-it-today-and-I-need-it-in-six-hours mentality of the world. The second reason is to mitigate compliance risk. It can be a lengthy process ensuring you and suppliers are complying with legislative …

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The Supply Chain Disruption Discussion

In an article at Forbes, Jeff Thomson interviews FM Global CFO Jeff Burchill about disruptions to the supply chain. A recent survey finds that the average disruption results in a $3.4 million loss per year. Burchill says that a major source of disruption stems from an overreliance on a single supplier. You need to have backup suppliers ready to go, as selected via price comparison analytics. Burchill goes on to say that CFOs must emphasize …

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5 Ingredients of the Sustainable Supply Chain Enchilada

For those in need of a good recipe for supply chain sustainability, Shaun McCarthy reveals the five key ingredients you need in an article at Supply Management. The first is good procurement, as addressed by BS 8903 and soon ISO 24000. Next is compliance, which is as simple as setting a standard, doing the audit, and making sure everything is peachy. After that comes relationship management, which in the case of sustainability requires knowledge from …

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