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Preempting ERP/SCM System Failure through Project Assurance

ERP/SCM system failure is the topic of many articles and white papers. Those articles and papers point to many reasons, but at the end of the day it call comes down to human error. This is just as true with supply chain environments, according to Rob Prinzo. Prinzo lists six ways to help mitigate these failures through project assurance, such as looking past the indicators: Contrary to popular opinion, green may actually be red. Realistic monitoring and analysis of progress of the implementation can show that even though all project management indicators are green, warning signs indicate endangered components. If indicators are only addressing past phases, but not addressing readiness for upcoming project tasks and activities, they are definitely trailing indicators and not trustworthy predictions of the future. Another tip is to “seek objectivity” by getting an outside expert to review implementation and provide oversight. This allows you to see the true status of your projects without encountering the risks of a subjective opinion.“>

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