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FedEx meets emissions target seven years early

Supply chains are trying desperately to cope with rising fuel costs, emissions regulation, and public opinion about the use of renewable energy resources. FedEx, being a prime example of a company dependent and affected by the cost and availability of fuels and the public’s concern for emissions, took this challenge to heart. And now, after taking steps to reduce emissions, FedEx has met self-imposed targets seven years earlier than expected: Following the success of the 2008 goal, FedEx Express has announced a new, ambitious target to reduce emissions by 30 percent fuel efficiency improvement in its global vehicle fleet by 2020. This follows an announcement in 2012 to increase the company’s fuel reductions target for global aircraft emissions, increasing the goal from 20 percent to 30 percent, by 2020. The staff vice president of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, Mitch Jackson, believes the success comes from a mix of ingenuity and employee involvement. However, this isn’t to say that FedEx will now rest on its laurels and wait for competitors to catch up. The company has now tasked itself with reducing emissions in its supply chains worldwide by 30 percent by 2020. They plan to accomplish this through the expanded use of alternative fuel vehicles, utilizing more efficient engines within vehicles, and making the vehicles themselves out of composite materials, reducing weight and thereby fuel consumption. It’s a long road, but FedEx has proven that one of the constraints of supply chains can not only be addressed, but optimized to satisfy bottom line needs and consumer consciousness.  

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