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The Way You Describe a Risk Is What Makes It Manageable

Project managers know that risk management is an ongoing process, and risk identification happens throughout the project life cycle. In many projects, the team is empowered to draft risk log entries. Of course, one of the basic requirements in identifying project risks is describing each risk in such a way that it is meaningful to management and other stakeholders who aren’t part of the project team. If you’ve ever seen a risk log entry like …

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How to Respond to Your Risks from Different Angles

The best type of medicine is preventive. Everyone fundamentally knows that it is easier to tackle a problem in its beginning stages rather than waiting until it becomes a full-blown catastrophe. If you feel yourself starting to get sick, you will take medicine so you do not get knocked out for a week. In a post for The Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall elaborates on how to utilize this mindset with risk management. All Better …

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Wishful Thinking Plagues IT Project Plans

Being overly optimistic is a rampant problem across all fields, but very prevalent in IT. IT remains unrealistic in their expectations, and worse, they are not taking responsibility for the consequences of these assumptions. An article for IEEE Spectrum by Robert N. Charette explores this pervasive problem. A Sunshiny Sickness “Hubble Psychology” is the “over optimism” disease and is often cited as the root cause for IT project failure. Basically this is the idea that …

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How to Develop an Operational Risk Management Plan

Any successful organization is able to identify, evaluate, and manage any operational risk that may arise. These risks can range from a failed business process to an external event. In a post at the Project Risk Coach, Harry Hall elaborates on how to develop a plan to manage operational risk. Handling the Biggest Risks There are four types of risks organizations need to be aware of: Process risk People risk System risk External event risk …

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