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Using Agility to Create the Learning Organization

“You learn something new every day,” is a saying that applies to many facets of life, but firms can especially learn from this. Fostering continuous learning throughout a firm helps you get more out of employees. In an article for Scrum Alliance, Roopak Jain explains the five characteristics of learning organizations: Systems thinking Personal mastery Mental models Shared vision Team learning Agile Upgrades Organized Learning Systems thinking is essentially thinking of things holistically, instead of …

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Getting Beyond the BS of Leadership Literature

Every person who would seek to improve their leadership skills through a good book should be applauded. However, there are some things that a person can simply not learn from reading, and unfortunately, leadership might be one of them. In an article for McKinsey & Company, Jeffrey Pfeffer explores how to move past the simple leadership literature and develop tangible management skills. From Theory to Practice There is a wide array of leadership failures in …

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Why Organizations Need to Make Learning Hard

We live in a fast-paced world, dependent upon instantaneous results. However, in the grand scheme of things—and for the sake of our long-term memory—this is not necessarily a great thing. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Dorothy Leonard explains why businesses need to make learning a challenge if they want people to retain any information. Learn It and Retain It It is easy to get swept up in the fast-paced learning environment, but unfortunately …

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How to Separate Learning Myths from Reality

Today we’re out to bust three “neuromyths” – those misinterpretations of neuroscience research that have lodged themselves within our cultural psyche, persisting despite a wealth of contrarian scientific evidence. In an article for McKinsey, Artin Atabaki, Stacey Dietch, and Julia M. Sperling team up to dispel these outdated assumptions for the sake of corporate employee training programs: Our experience advising companies on their lifelong-learning initiatives suggests that such misunderstandings remain embedded in many corporate training …

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To Develop Project Managers, You Have to Understand How Adults Learn

Humans are capable of learning and improving at any age, but adult learning is a bit different from how one learns as a child. As Peter Tarhanidis explains in a post for Voices on Project Management, we’re not the little sponges we were back in 1st grade. It’s time to treat PMs like the adults they are when it comes to education and training: Even though top managers at many organizations invest in traditional project …

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4 Critical Factors for Learning Organizations

It’s a hard lesson to learn: change or be trodden into the mud. But the dynamic worlds of business and technology expect no less. That is why it is critical to design a learning organization, one that thrives on the constant flux of information and skills that shape landscapes of innovation. Freddie Silver, in an article for Chron, points to four ways your company can put fresh ideas into practice, channeling a thirst for knowledge …

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