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Building Your CIO Resume to Become a COO

IT leaders have gained some major influence and power in recent years. Some have taken this has a chance to tackle new positions, such as COO. However, not many people have attempted to make this transition to a higher-ranking leadership position. In an article for CIO magazine, Brian P. Watson gives some tips on how to best prepare for a shift from CIO to COO:

  1. Seek opportunities outside of IT.
  2. Take advantages of M&A activities.
  3. Study different functions.
  4. Flex your transformational muscle.
  5. Speak the language of business.

Coding Your COO Resume

While some opportunities will present themselves by chance, you should be on the lookout for new opportunities outside of IT. Exploring these opportunities can bulk up your portfolio and distinguish your knowledge and experiences from those of peers. There should also be a focus on what can learned from M&A activities. Watson emphasizes how these points work together in a real-life example:

During [Steve Bandrowczak, COO and CIO of Alight Solutions’s] decade-long tenure as CIO of Avnet, the electronic components and services company acquired 40 companies, which meant Bandrowczak and his team were averaging a new integration every quarter. As CIO of Lenovo, he oversaw the integration of IBM’s PC unit.

Transaction activities like those—and several others since—took Bandrowczak into the “bowels” of how companies run. “You get to see how businesses are wired and unwired,” he said. “With all of that M&A activity, you get a chance to really understand a company’s processes at an incredibly in-depth level.”

Gaining the kind of experience that Bandrowczak had can take a while to garner, but focusing on learning and studying the different functions of the roles is a must. And don’t be afraid to flex your muscles in IT by showing off how it is transforming the business and creating new value. Showing that you have the competitive edge for the modern market will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Lastly, you must learn the diverse language of the business, particularly as it applies to identifying and understanding the goals of various business units. You have to be a conduit for all business activities coming at you.

For further thoughts, you can view the original article here: https://www.cio.com/article/3200677/careers-staffing/cio-career-path-building-a-resume-for-the-coo-role.html

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Austin is a Staff Writer for AITS. He has a background in professional writing from York College.

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