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5 Tips to Help Developers Keep Up with Changing Technologies

It is fascinating to see how IT can make so much impact and predict what the future will hold. To be able to adapt to any changes and stay on top, you can’t just stick to the status quo if it makes you stay behind your opponents. In an article for, Thor Olavsrud shares a few tips on how to keep up with the IT game that constantly changes every day: Use social media ...

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IT Can’t Make Stand-Alone Technology Decisions Anymore

Technology is no longer the job of only IT people. From marketing to finance to product distribution, technology plays a crucial role, and is a part of the decision-making processes. In writing for the Enterprisers Project, Lee Congdon says that he works with other departments in his organization to find the best combination of business process change and technology implementation. He suggests a few things to get started with a strategic approach: Evaluate the big ...

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What CIOs Need to Know about Crisis Management

Every organization is vulnerable to crises. You can’t just sit at your desk and pray for a crisis to go away like a wind. Think of a crisis like a tornado—it can sweep away everything you’ve built and wreak havoc. Before having to clean up the mess, it’s better to accept the nature of crises and prepare for the worst scenarios. Mark Samuels shares some practical tips for crisis management at ZDNet: Keep calm and ...

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Where Is the IT Service Desk in a DevOps World?

In an IT team, who do you think has a central role in understanding the trade-off between business and technology? It’s the service desk who both handle customers and communicate internally to report arising issues. Their job serves as a bridge to connect what’s happening inside a closed building and the reality out there. However, a tricky issue that many businesses face can be how to best incorporate the IT service desk in the DevOps ...

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6 Practical Ways to Actually Improve Your Cost Management

It’s never easy to think about money, especially when you are a project manager and your job is to work on money every day. Estimating project costs and trying to reduce the budget to the minimum are headache-inducing tasks. Indeed, cost management is never a straight shot. It’s more like a zigzag where we attempt to find ways to deal with the budget constraints and balance gives-and-takes. In order to improve cost management and better ...

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3 Things that Stop You Making the Right Decision

To put the main job of project managers into a few words, it would probably be that they make decisions. Indeed, project managers make decisions for themselves, for their team, and for their projects. In order to make good decisions, project managers must be self-aware and able to handle biases of themselves and other team members. After all, people go through different experiences in their career–so given the same situation, they will have different approaches ...

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5 Tips on Identifying the Right Project Stakeholders

If you decide to climb a mountain, you don’t just invite your best friends to tag along–you invite the ones who can help you get to the top in one piece. Similarly, in project management, you have to select the right stakeholders who can make distinctive contributions to your project. At the end of the day, they are the ones who can make or break your work. In an article for TechRepublic, Moira Alexander shares ...

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The Next Big Smartphone Innovation May Not Be a Phone

Smartphones are not evolving at the dramatic rate that they did back when they first appeared, but innovations keep pressing on. An article published at Fortune takes a look at how phone innovations are or will make a splash in other places. For instance, technology used in phones will gradually find its way into “smart jewelry” that has a microphone and can accept commands. Voice recognition to perform simple tasks and answer basic questions is ...

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Upcoming Technologies that Will Make a More Exciting World

The future is going to be a really fun place if we can keep our act together long enough to see it. The BBC’s Science Focus has compiled a list of strange and exciting technological developments that could make tomorrow’s world a better place. Here is a handful: Devices that use sound waves to strangle and extinguish fires “Hyperloop” trains envisioned by Elon Musk, which could travel 760 mph Crowd-sourced antibiotics, with bacteria samples swabbed ...

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5 Innovations in 3D Printing

There are 3D printers now that can even print the parts to make more 3D printers. The sky is the limit here. In an article for Entrepreneur, Manya Jha pinpoints five of the more notable ongoing innovations with this budding technology: Food! 3D-printed food will be able to impart precisely the amount of nutrients needed, and in the combinations required. Will it taste any good though? Eh, maybe someday. 3D-printed shoes, used to fit the ...

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The 10 Best Technological Innovations in Fashion So Far

If your T-shirt cannot talk to the refrigerator or change colors on demand, you are behind the times. Well, no, that is not really true, but fashion and technology are colliding in highly practical ways. In an article for Complex, Erica Euse highlights 10 of the most significant advancements so far: Biometric smart shirts, which can track things like heart rate and calories burned Pants that charge your phone whenever the phone is in your ...

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10 Breakthrough Technologies to Watch in 2017

Nobody knows technology like MIT knows technology. MIT Technology Review has compiled a robust list of the technologies likely to make the biggest impacts on our lives, across all industries. Here is a brief rundown of their picks: Brain implants to reverse paralysis after spinal cord injuries Self-driving trucks, which, well, might lay off a lot of truck drivers Using face detection to corroborate identity (e.g., authorize payments) Quantum computers that are actually viable Inexpensive ...

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The Future of Cities: More Energy, More Possibilities

The Wall Street Journal has put together a panel of experts to talk about everything that can go right and wrong with the technological advancements that will transform cities in the not-so-distant future. It will require responsibility and imagination to make the best of advances. Here are some of the highlights: “Microgrids”—small localized solar or wind-powered systems—can be built directly in cities, supplementing other means of power generation. Big data is being used to benchmark ...

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What Can CIOs Do to Help Businesses Move Faster

It is not uncommon knowledge that digital business strategy is a roadmap for the future of a company nowadays. CIOs in the information age are not only responsible for taking the lead on digital transformation but also driving business fast. Too often technology is the go-to solution to meet customer needs or respond to changes or threats. Quality assurance (QA) and testing aren’t always the first choice of rushed CIOs. However, QA and testing can ...

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Why Shadow IT Is Not Bad for Your Business Today

Shadow IT has been negatively known to put a business at increased risk of data breaches and financial liabilities. This has urged businesses to use better data security governance to sanction business unit IT digital services. However, just as business leaders don’t only do business, technology leaders shouldn’t only control technology. Shadow IT is not a bad thing for a business if you don’t cross the line. Don Tennant, in writing for IT Business Edge, ...

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