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Why a Little BRM Can Improve Your IT Service Delivery

One of the ways to make the IT department more visible and empower staff is getting out into the lines of business, being involved, and building relationships. This “ideology” happens to align with the key concept of business relationship management (BRM), an approach to understanding and supporting business activities related to business networking. BRM is all about knowledge, skills, and behaviors that foster a productive relationship among different departments or fields such as IT, finance, ...

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4 Tips for Managing Multiple Teams

Managing a work team is headache-inducing enough, now imagine multiplying it by several times. You feel crumbling, right? But don’t panic, because if other managers can do it, so can you. It just takes a few basic lessons and some determination. Sarah K. White shares some tips to manage different teams of employees for Get to know their personalities Encourage retention and growth Consider generational gaps Embrace diversity Juggling Takes Skills Don’t treat your ...

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Managing Distributed Projects

Projects are increasingly distributed across different sites. But distributed teams and suppliers complicate communication and create numerous frictions. Over half of all distributed projects do not achieve their intended objectives and are then canceled. Traditional labor cost-based location decisions are replaced by a systematic improvement of business processes in a distributed context. Benefits are tangible, as our clients emphasize: Better multi-site collaboration, clear supplier agreements, and transparent interfaces are the most often reported benefits. There ...

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Pulse of the Profession 2017: Good News for Project Managers

Only 27 percent of organizations have low project management maturity anymore, according to data surveyed from 3,234 global professionals in PMI’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession. A not so bad 39 percent have low portfolio management majority. At last, organizations are waking up to the financial and strategic benefits of mature management, as “Organizations that invest in proven project management practices waste 28 times less money.” The organizations that PMI considers to be real “champions” ...

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3 Micro Tips for LinkedIn Networking

Sometimes you walk down the road not because you have a place to be, but just because the road is there. If you want a road to walk on LinkedIn, Catriona Pollard shares three little tips in an article for the CEO Magazine. Step one is to have a completed profile; when it comes to your professional genius, leave absolutely nothing a mystery. Step two is to use LinkedIn to follow up with anyone you ...

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A Useful Trick to Find a Mentor outside Your Network

What if you are looking to develop a skill that does not really exist in your organization, or is unavailable to you? Jo Miller suggests a relatively simple answer in an article for Mashable. She says you should go to a seminar and speak up. A frustrating reality for many presenters is that they hit their Q&A phase only to be met by crickets from the audience, or worse, some jerk asks a non-question that ...

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4 Ways to Network When You’re Not Looking for a Job

If you think the whole purpose of networking is for people to escape boring jobs, then you are totally missing the point. Networking can elevate your skills and resources to make you stronger even in a job where you are already happy. Elizabeth Gore shares four tips at Motto to network in any context. To begin with, the people you stand to forge the strongest relationships with are the ones you see walk past you ...

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4 Tips to Network with People outside Your Industry

If you only know people within your industry—or only people within your business—you may not be able to expand your perspective as much as if you had branched into other industries. But it is not too late. Dorie Clark shares some tips to network across industries in an article for Harvard Business Review. Begin by taking inventory of your existing network. Who are your core people, and who are the next 50ish satellite connections in ...

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How to Network Outside Your Company

As Rakia Reynolds wisely says in an article for Forbes, “Your network is your net worth.” It is the sum of your knowledge and capabilities, so you should treat it with appropriate seriousness. For instance, one successful business leader makes a point of either meeting at least one new person or strengthening an existing relationship per month, and she also does one good thing for someone in her network weekly. Any tactics applied systematically like ...

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6 Steps to Turn Strangers into Connections

People talk to only an estimated 2 to 3 percent of the strangers that pass them by. No, this is not a shocking statistic; they are strangers, after all. But imagine how much you could expand your network by talking a little more at work events! Stephanie Vozza shares six tips to make the most of “stranger things” in an article for Fast Company. In the first place, look approachable. Do not keep your eyes ...

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6 Tips to Successfully Manage Workplace Conflicts

When a big group of people work together every day, it’s only a matter of time before conflicts arise. In the worst case, conflict can boil into a workplace “cold war,” resulting in low productivity or even financial loss. Therefore, one of the most important skills you can develop at work is how to deal successfully with conflict. A bit of common sense and preemptive action can defuse conflicts before they get out of hand. ...

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Why Firms Must View Digital as a Never-Ending Effort

When Apple launched the first Macintosh in 1984, did anyone at the company think that it was the only personal computer people would ever need? Of course not. Indeed, digital has never been a one-and-done effort. With the changes of customer behaviors, technological development, and the environment, products keep evolving to fit business needs and generate profits. With this understanding, executives need to understand that digital is not a series of one-off efforts, and it must be explored and ...

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The Improvements from Target’s Data Breach Crisis

It hasn’t been long enough for Target’s security nightmare in 2013 to really have faded from people’s minds. Especially for 40 million customers whose credit or debit card information was stolen, the fear of having confidential data sold in the black market isn’t easily forgotten overnight. If product defects or industrial incidents are haunting ghosts, then data breach can be a real grim reaper. But four years removed, Target is surprisingly standing so strong and firm in ...

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Having More Options Can Make You Evaluate Risk Differently

Think about when you go shopping: Do you often buy a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in a single bottle, or do you instead seek three distinct products, believing they will do a better job (whether or not it’s true)? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Uzma Khan and Daniella Kapoor explain that such perceptions have a dramatic effect on risk and decision-making in business too. Are you falling into a bias trap? Less Is More (Valuable) ...

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Decision-Making under the Influence: SME, HiPPO, and BOGSAT

The most significant driver of cost and schedule risk in any project is indecision. While most projects can absorb a few bad decisions or even course-correct without a hitch, delaying a decision almost invariably creates damage. Agile practitioners will typically defer decisions until required to move forward so that the Decider has as much information as possible, but a lack of information isn’t always—or even usually—the problem. Sometimes the Decider just doesn’t feel empowered, and ...

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