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3 Reasons Why the Business Analyst-Project Manager Hybrid Role Is So Difficult

A hybrid of business analyst (BA) and project manager (PM) is like a double major in science and humanities—it’s possible, but difficult. But this hybrid role is looking increasingly attractive to businesses that want to make interactions leaner. In an article for Project Times, Tiauna Ross highlights the top three reasons why this hybrid role can be difficult: It requires expertise in both disciplines. It only works well with small changes. It may not be ...

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Etiquette Rules for the Open Office

When walls are in short supply, open offices happen. In an article for Entrepreneur, Jacqueline Whitmore shares some pointers for not violating each other’s space. For instance, resist the urge to share every little joke or comment that enters your mind just because others are in close proximity; everyone deserves to work uninterrupted. It is not just chitchat that can be distracting though. At close range, distracting smells like in strange foods (or your old ...

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Why You May Find US Colleagues ‘More Polite’ than Brits

In a highly entertaining 4-minute video at the BBC, an American man working at a London PR firm talks to a British woman working at a US law firm about cultural office differences. Among the highlights, the British are apparently more likely to curse loudly and casually. They also serve a great deal of tea, even if it means delaying the start of a meeting for an extra five minutes. And they seem to offer ...

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Business Dining Etiquette: Don’t Do These Things

One thing we can all rally around as human beings is that—food is great. But at a work lunch, you want to be mindful of things beyond how much food you can get in your stomach without ejecting it back onto the plate. Diane Gottsman lists a few things not to do in this setting to maintain proper etiquette, some of which include the following: Don’t order more food than the people with whom you ...

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Etiquette for Expense Reports

Everyone hates filling out expense reports about as much as they love spending money that is not theirs. How much of that money should you really spend though? Jennifer Winter provides some guidance in an article for the Muse. If you are traveling for work, others are probably traveling with you. Watch to see how your more seasoned colleagues spend and follow suit. In any case, ask for receipts for everything, so there is always ...

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12 Rules to Maintain Etiquette in All Work Situations

Be yourself, thrive, and do not infuriate anyone along the way. In an article for CareerBuilder, Shannon Lee shares a dozen rules to ensure you are seen in the right light at the office. Here they are in brief: Avoid social media. Your friends’ lives are not that interesting anyway. Answer personal calls in private. Avoid gossip. It just makes you look immature to dwell on such vapid topics. Keep email formal, at least in ...

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Office Etiquette, or How to Not Be Annoying

There is a lot of advice about being a courteous employee that should just be intuitive, yet some people could stand to receive a reminder. In an article for Forbes, Lisa Quast gives us this reminder. Here is a sampling of tips that can make for a happier and less annoying work experience: Meetings: Do not schedule meetings back-to-back. Include an appropriate buffer that allows you to always show up to meetings punctually. And when ...

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7 All-Too-Common Quality Management Mistakes You Can Avoid

Many organizations have taken the key step of developing a quality management plan to improve their project quality. However, things don’t always work in the most desirable fashion, and a quality management plan is not a quality insurance card. The Project Risk Coach Harry Hall points out seven common mistakes that you may easily make in developing a quality management plan: Failure to define quality Failure to develop requirements Failure to right-size your quality management ...

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7 Reasons to Love Your Job in IT

Loving your job is not something “rare-to-find” or “nice-to-have,” but it is the key to your life fulfillment and social stability. If you find yourself looking back at your career and sighing with the little voice in your head that says, “Work is all about money,” don’t suck it up, buttercup! The workplace is where you spend most of your waking time. Like it or not, a recent study of the effects of happiness on ...

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3 Steps to Avoid Hiring Bad Managers

Bad managers cause great damage to a company. In a 2015 Gallup poll of 7,272 adults, 50 percent said that they left their companies because of their bosses. Because of this, human resource departments of many organizations have attempted to interview employees, or keep a tally of employee resignations by manager in order to spot the problems in their organizations. However, not all companies are embracing these practices, and bad managers can still find their ...

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5 Deadly Mistakes in IT Operations to Avoid

The life of IT operations is stressful. They need to introduce more business functionality and minimize digital spending, all while trying not to make mistakes that hinder the ability to respond to business needs. Bernd Harzog, in an article for Network World, lists five IT operations mistakes that can have disastrous results on the company: Letting security rule the roost Organizing by IT silo Organizing by IT layer Firing all of your smart domain experts ...

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Reducing Costly Incidents through Knowledge

How can you improve the customer experience though knowledge management, you might ask? From an incident perspective we should start with the Service Desk to determine exactly what types of calls are coming in, a “top ten” of sorts. These may be common questions that, if they are handled through some form of self-service functionality, can reduce the calls into the Service Desk right at the beginning. It is likely that your Service Desk has ...

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Negotiating with Difficult People: We Have a Hostage Situation!

Chances are high that at at least one point in your career or personal life, you’ve had to negotiate with someone who was holding something you value as “hostage.” This may have included a particular service, payment, or resource, or quite possibly the TV remote, your favorite TV show, or having to tell your 5-year-old to put down the phone extension. Chances are even higher that you probably dreaded the whole process of getting what you ...

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The CFO-CIO Relationship: How to Bridge the Gap

Technology is intrinsically linked to every department, not limited to finance to improve costs and maximize profit. However, the relationship between CFOs and CIOs has not always been a smooth collaboration. In the haste and competitiveness of business nowadays, if CIOs and CFOs remain focused completely on their own concerns and fail to bridge their profession gap, then neither one will ultimately further the business’s goals. For a CFO who seeks to position the company ...

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3 Ways to Achieve IT-Business Alignment

The issue of IT-business alignment is never clear-cut. It’s usually not an IT or management problem, but the true problem resides in people’s feelings and experience. This idea of “aligning” two different and separate groups together is a persistent puzzle that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep. Worse is that, despite the unrelenting attention to this topic from a vast array of consultants and others, a clear working template or solution doesn’t always help. ...

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