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20 to 40 Percent of You Are Incompetent in Your Jobs

According to research from Area9 Learning, between 20 and 40 percent of corporate employees are “unconsciously incompetent” in areas that are critical to being successful in their jobs. This means that employees do not know as much as they think they do, and that is a serious problem. In an …

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Move beyond Labels in How You See People

Individual human beings are far too complex to understand after just a few conversations, or even after a few hundred conversations. Yet based off limited information, we have a tendency to label people. For instance, “Ron is the loudmouth Republican.” That may be vaguely accurate, but this framing could also …

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What Level Are You On?

Most of my friends and colleagues know that I am a fan of the human motivation work done by Abraham Maslow and what he proposed were the key drivers for human behavior. His work is considered to be the seminal research on this topic. Simply stated, he created what has …

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Master the One-on-One Meeting

Great leaders obligate themselves to watch out for their subordinates and to help them achieve mutual goals. One of the most direct methods for keeping employees on track is to hold periodic one-on-one meetings with them. In an article for Harvard Business School, Julia B. Austin describes a process for …

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management: 5 Tips

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming—not in the self-aware, Terminator fashion, but rather in the fashion that allows managers to accomplish administrative tasks much faster. This is a good thing, if used correctly. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, Richard Amico, and Robert J. Thomas use survey data …

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