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How to Be an Inspiring Leader

We often talk about engagement and motivation at work, but we do not as often use the more powerful word, inspiration. That is because, statistically, not enough leaders are in any way inspiring to their employees. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Bain & Company’s Eric Garton describes the …

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Can You Be a Great Leader without Technical Expertise?

Millions of words have been written on the subject of what qualities great leaders possess: effective communication skills, intelligent ability to delegate, deep problem-solving ability, and high charisma, among other factors. And if you look at examples of the best leaders, they do indeed embody these qualities. But if you …

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3 Keys to Great Servant Leadership

The thinking on leadership has flipped. It used to be that the person at the top of the pyramid held complete power and dictated unquestioned edicts to those underneath. Now, it is understood that the person at the top of the pyramid is responsible for serving the needs of everyone …

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5 Ways to Be a Leader When Managing Isn’t Enough

I think it is fair to say people have gone overboard in distinguishing the differences between leaders and managers; it is ultimately just a squabble over semantics. But it is still important to know when to use one set of skills over another. In cases where the skills traditionally associated …

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3 Steps to Change Employee Behavior

People can change dramatically over the course of a lifetime. But realistically, people’s personalities do not change very often, and you as their boss almost certainly will not be the person who changes their outlook on life. But as authors Doug and Polly White say, it is still possible to …

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How Leaders Shape Company Culture

What does a strong company culture look like? When you think about Google, you think of bright, airy offices and ping pong rooms full of enthusiastic nerds and hipsters. (Well, that is what I imagine anyway.) But as Karina Fabian points out in an article for Business News Daily, a …

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