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3 Keys to Great Servant Leadership

The thinking on leadership has flipped. It used to be that the person at the top of the pyramid held complete power and dictated unquestioned edicts to those underneath. Now, it is understood that the person at the top of the pyramid is responsible for serving the needs of everyone underneath—quite the shift. But this change has enabled better business than ever before, because teams who are empowered and supported by leadership deliver the best results—and it is how well that teams execute their tasks that ultimately determines the degree of a business’s success. For advice on how you can be a great servant leader, David Hassell shares three tips in a post for 15Five:

  1. Ask for employee feedback
  2. Help employees get what they want
  3. Give employees a reason to stay

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Many leaders do not ask for feedback on their own performance because they are afraid of the answers. But asking for feedback from employees is the only way to know if your style of leadership is working, so you need to do it. Just remember to plan out what exactly you would like to ask in advance. Be strategic about garnering useful insights. Do not just ask something like, “So, we cool?”

You should be similarly targeted in your approach to supporting employees. Since you know that different employees have different motivations and manners of working, you need to provide them different modes of assistance. The style with which you lead one person may not work for another person. Try to get a read for people, but also do not be afraid to ask outright what type of support they might want from you.

Lastly, leaders make employees want to stick around:

A recent study found 31 percent of employees quit because they don’t get along with their boss, and an equally 31 percent quit due to lack of empowerment. These are telltale signs of the growing need for good leadership. …

How well they get along with you reflects both positively and negatively on their performance. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable talking to you. Encourage feedback to keep the lines of communication open for improvement. People will stay with (or leave) the company because of you, not because of the company.

You can view the original post here: https://www.15five.com/blog/3-secrets-of-great-leadership/

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