Incident & Problem Management Process – What You Need!

July 29, 2015 • Application Support, CIO, General ITIL Discussion, IT Outsourcing and ITIL, ITIL V3 for Application Support

You must have both INCIDENT MANAGEMENT and PROBLEM MANAGEMENT if you want to reduce the cost of Incidents and their impact on the business..

  1.  Incident Management and Problem Management must be integrated.
  2.  Problem  Management
    1. Allows you to actively reduce the occurrence of Incidents.
  3.  Incident Management
    1. Identifies and captures incident data, quantifies business impact and cost
    2. Is the foundation for Problem Management (Data collected during Incident Management enables effective Problem Management.)   >>>Incident Management Tool
    3.  Allows you to actively reduce the effort that is spent on Incidents.
      1. Lessons-Learned
      2. Consistent Processes
      3. Cross-Training
      4. Knowledge-base of well-documented resolutions
    4. For effective Incident Management, you also must have Service Level Agreements.
      1. Develop service goals for response and resolution completion
      2. Develop service goals for reducing the number and severity of incidents.

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