Service Transition (Transition)

During this phase, the CAI Transition Consultant creates and uses an integrated set of transition plans to establish the operational capability and structure of the application support team. Using these plans, the consultant and the application support team also define a set of work processes to govern how work will be organized and managed as it flows through the team.

Change Management

  • Documents the standard methods and procedures that will be used to develop and implement all application changes
  • Documents the procedures that will be used by the team to ensure that all changes to service management processes, service assets and configuration items are recorded in the customer’s configuration management system and CAI’s application knowledge notebook.
  • Documents the procedures to ensure that all changes done by the team will be performed in a way that minimizes risk to the business
  • Documents the procedures that the team will use to assess and evaluate the risks associated with an application change
  • Documents the procedures a team will use to develop contingency plans (back-out plans) for unexpected results from an application change implemented into the production environment

Service Asset and Configuration Management

  • Catalog Configuration Items (CIs)—application components (programs, use cases, data structures)—associated with the applications
  • Document the criticality and complexity of application components
  • Document additional items (hardware, software, documentation, personnel) on which the services are dependent
  • Create process controls that the team will use to track Configuration Items (CIs) associated with the application changes

Release and Deployment Management

  • Creates the procedures that the team will use to build, test, and bundle application changes into a release package
  • Creates the procedures that the team will use to move application enhancements into the production environment

3a - Servide Transition_a

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    Bob – Is there a readable version of the Service Transition Slide 3a available? The graphic doesn’t expand so I can read any of the boxes.

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