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7 Reasons IT Managers Have the Toughest Management Roles

No good management job is an easy job, but do IT managers have it the hardest? In an article for CIO.com, Mike Sisco explores why he believes this role is so much more challenging than other management positions. There are seven reasons why the role of IT manager is the toughest management role: Technology is constantly changing. A technical expert is not a manager. Success depends upon delegation. IT employees are difficult to manage. There …

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Wishful Thinking Plagues IT Project Plans

Being overly optimistic is a rampant problem across all fields, but very prevalent in IT. IT remains unrealistic in their expectations, and worse, they are not taking responsibility for the consequences of these assumptions. An article for IEEE Spectrum by Robert N. Charette explores this pervasive problem. A Sunshiny Sickness “Hubble Psychology” is the “over optimism” disease and is often cited as the root cause for IT project failure. Basically this is the idea that …

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