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The Paradox of Workplace Productivity

Can a company have productive employees and still be failing in their overall productivity? In an article for Harvard Business Review, Ryan Fuller explains how there are different types of productivity that mangers need to begin to recognize. One Hand Does Not Wash the Other Fuller states that productivity is “the amount of value produced divided by the amount of cost (or time) required to do so.” This formula is deceivingly simple in structure, but …

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12 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

If you are hit with that afternoon slump at work, you are not alone! The good news is that there are natural, non-caffeine stimulant ways to improve your productivity, and in an article for CIO.com, Sharon Florentine elaborates on how. There are 12 ways to improve your productivity: Get your sleep. Begin leisurely. Prioritize. Exercise. Minimize caffeine. Change locations. Minimize the multitasking. Clean. Take a break. Keep a routine. Avoid distracting web sites. Accept the …

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