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7 Simple Tips to Improve Customer Service on the Help Desk

If you are like the plethora of people who think a new ITSM tool will help to improve your help desk operations, you are sadly mistaken. In retrospect, all you really need to do is get back to the heart of the matter and improve your customer service. In a post at his blog, Joe the IT Guy elaborates on ways to improve with seven tips: End users are not assets or ticket numbers. End ...

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The Perfect Storm Driving Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise service management is not a new trend in ITSM, but it is making waves. It is finally becoming universally recognized, though a consistent definition has yet to be secured. In a post for ITSM.tools, Stephen Mann explores what this entity is, as well as what is pushing it forward. What exactly is enterprise service management? Mann describes it as the “use of ITSM principles and capabilities in other business areas to improve performance and ...

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