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Navigating the digital future

CIOs: Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Being Behind on Transformation

The fact that everyone is talking about digital transformation does not mean that everyone is actually making deep strides with it. On the contrary, news outlets talk about digital transformation (and blockchain, and RPA) because it is exciting and developing and far from over. That means you do not need to feel terrible if your business’s digital transformation is slow-going. Along those lines, Tim Yeaton discusses three transformation misconceptions in an article for the Enterprisers …

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3 Ways Robotics Affects the CIO Role

A survey has found that IT decision-makers believe that “59 percent of business processes can be automated in the next five years,” so the challenge right now is just to figure out how to get there. Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the next big frontiers for IT. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Dennis Walsh pinpoints three ways that RPA will affect the CIO role moving forward: Added opportunity to be strategic …

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When Is the Right Time to Innovate?

Okay, that does sound like a loaded question. The average executive would probably answer, “Right now,” while raising an eyebrow that the question was even asked. But the answer may not be quite that simple. In an article for Business 2 Community, Daniel Burrus adds a bit of additional nuance to the discussion. Innovate Soon On the one hand—yes, businesses should always be pursuing innovation of all kinds right now. On the other hand, when …

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Business and Technology Transformation Leadership: The Critical Factor

Today’s technology-enabled business landscape, rapid innovations, new business models, intense competition, global operating environment, constraining legacy systems, increasing regulations, and ever-changing customer expectations are making the business environment highly complex. Organizational transformation is the complex endeavor of innovating and redesigning the organization, which significantly impacts all or most aspects of the business. The Business Problem Many recurring research studies by Economist Intelligence Unit, Project Management Institute, McKinsey, et al. over the last few years have …

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5 Questions to Help CIOs Avoid Internet of Things Data Problems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is often imagined as a vast web of communicating objects – from cars, to houses, to wearable devices, even coffee makers. But as users get caught up in the conceptual hype of IoT, they often forget that its purpose is to generate meaningful data – lots of it. As Loraine Lawson explains in an article for IT Business Edge, the deluge of data associated with IoT may cause a flood …

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6 Ways to Get More from Data Science and IT

Data Science and IT are veritable treasure troves of innovation for the business, but having a great asset is not the same as knowing how to use one. As Lisa Morgan for InformationWeek explains, today’s ‘big thing’ in IT comes with its share of caveats. Let’s review the top six. Data Shame Focus on business impact Adjusting the company DNA Appreciating clean-up efforts Confronting legacy issues Building a talent acquisition strategy Locating a critical mass …

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