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Getting more done in less time

Beware of the Productivity Measurement Fallacy

Can money and productivity be measured on the same spectrum? Unfortunately, money saved does not always equate to greater productivity from employees. In an article for CIO.com, Eric Bloom explores his own experience with this fallacy. Pitfall Ahead In the business he was employed at, there was a company-wide productivity initiative. The program was explicit in its intentions, and there were even prizes to be awarded to the team that generated the greatest company savings. ...

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12 Ways to Be More Productive at Work

If you are hit with that afternoon slump at work, you are not alone! The good news is that there are natural, non-caffeine stimulant ways to improve your productivity, and in an article for CIO.com, Sharon Florentine elaborates on how. There are 12 ways to improve your productivity: Get your sleep. Begin leisurely. Prioritize. Exercise. Minimize caffeine. Change locations. Minimize the multitasking. Clean. Take a break. Keep a routine. Avoid distracting web sites. Accept the ...

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McKinsey on the Organizational Cost of Insufficient Sleep

A good night’s rest can be the difference between a day of productive decisions and a day with you accidentally putting your lunch in the freezer. Sleep recharges the brain and helps to prevent silly mistakes–at home and at work. In an article for McKinsey & Company, Nick van Dam and Els van der Helm elaborate on the true cost to businesses of losing sleep. Save Your Energy Leadership behaviors tend to be associated with ...

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How to Be a Productive Project Manager: 7 Tips

Many project managers feel overwhelmed with emails, phone calls, and meetings. They often work overtime, but few feel as though they are making progress. Although we are all given the same amount of time each day, some project managers are able to produce greater value for their organizations. Some are more engaged. Imagine yourself as a more productive project manager, one with greater capacity and energy to complete each day’s tasks. Let’s look at common ...

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How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important

It is easy to prioritize a few tasks, but what do you do when everything is “important?” In an article for Lifehacker, Alan Henry uncovers the tactics to decipher what in actuality is important and how to effectively prioritize tasks. Tactics to Employ When it comes to deciding what is really important, there are a few tactics to take to truly unveil the tasks of urgency. Begin by grilling the boss. Part of a manager’s ...

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A Formula for Perfect Productivity: Work for 52 Minutes, Break for 17

Can a person truly be productive while looking at pictures of adorable kittens? The answer is yes, and their productivity is dependent upon their ability to walk away from their career responsibilities. In an article for The Atlantic, Derek Thompson analyzes a study on how telecommuting improved a Chinese call-center’s performance and what implications this holds in other sectors. For most people, the concept of endless work is not conducive to an efficient environment. It ...

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An Almost Foolproof Way to Achieve Every Goal You Set

Jeff Haden has been around the block and tried a lot of goal-setting techniques, but in an article for Inc., he arrives at a strategy that really cooks. He shares the ideas of entrepreneur James Clear. A System for Goals Clear recognizes a critical difference in life between “goals” and “systems.” For instance, an entrepreneur’s goal is to build a successful business, but the entrepreneur’s system is the processes for sales, marketing, operations, etc. The ...

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5 Ways to Power Up Your Productivity

There are five things you can do to get more out of every hour of your day. It might take a bit of neuroscience and psychology, but it can be done. Sarah K. White applies the insights of Josh Davis’s book, Two Awesome Hours: Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done, in an article for CIO.com. The Five Ultimate Productivity Hacks Create a schedule. Strategize for mental focus. ...

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3 Steps to Better Absorbing Information from Reading

How do you better extract and retain information without resorting to iffy gimmicks? Andy Orin shares the best and most thoughtful answer to this question from Stack Exchange. Knowledge of Retaining Knowledge The first step is “impression.” Anything that impresses you or can leave a visual impact on you is more likely to be accurately remembered. Second is “association.” Anything you can associate with knowledge or experience you already have is more likely to be ...

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