What Is a Scrum Master?

Agile has taken the world by storm, but like any other storm, it takes a while to reach everyone. Not everyone on Earth knows how scrum works yet, or how its prescribed roles function. In an article for InfoWorld, Isaac Sacolick provides a helpful overview of what constitutes the scrum master role. What Scrum Means to You Scrum is the most popular implementation of the agile philosophy, and a scrum team consists of a product …

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Easing into Agile: 5 Painless Steps towards Adoption for the Resistant

I recall that during an agency meeting conducted to plan the kick-off for a new project, I recommended that the project be done using an agile approach. Although some in the meeting were interested, the key project sponsors were not willing to risk departing from an established and familiar project planning methodology that was in place. It is often true that state government administration offices develop, recommend, and in some cases enforce the use of …

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