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Augmenting ITIL with ISO/IEC 20000

Service management has a lot to live up to. Whereas IT development and infrastructure or business systems deployment can get away with a little slouching, poor IT service is highly visible to the end user. According to Drago Topalovic for the ITSM Review, augmenting the ITIL standards with ISO20000 can give the service management professional a little more structure, providing a no-excuses path to growth and perfection.

The City of ITIL

It’s possible to compare ITIL to a large city with many attractions. You can attend to whichever standards suit your fancy, avoiding those sections that are unnecessary or undesirable. This setup has its downsides, obviously. Other limitations to consider are the shifting nature of those who are certified within the organization, a difficulty gaining management commitment within ITIL’s wide-open framework, or just the sheer quantity of processes / functions and the lack of boundaries around implementation. Topalovic elaborates on potential growing pains:

Once you have improved those processes that cause you the most pain, you may realize that your focus shifts to things you didn’t consider important at first. For example, you implement Incident and Change management, and it suddenly becomes obvious to you that your Configuration management lacks the power to support these processes. That’s a good sign that your organization is growing. And, it’s usually a sign that you should start considering ISO/IEC 20000.

ISO20000 Benefits

The ISO/IEC 20000 standards are more challenging than ITIL, since they require stricter requirements for implementation and mandate a scope more befitting of the mature organization. Like a more adult person, a more advanced organization forms advanced tastes. Those who use ISO20000 will gain an integrated service management system (SMS), understand which customers are most valuable to the service team, become better aligned with the LOB, gain a reputation for excellence, allow your organization to retain service management knowledge, and be able to remove bottlenecks, barriers, and enhance organizational communication.

Read the original article at: http://www.theitsmreview.com/2015/03/iso20000/

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