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Smart Building Risk Profile Increasing?

Today’s connected, Internet-of-Things-enabled smart buildings are making lives better on a daily basis: more comfortable to work in, more energy efficient, and even more cost-effective to run as facilities management teams are able to identify and address smaller problems before they become major issues. This is a market valued by …

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The Importance of a Security Culture across the Organization

Culture drives how people behave in groups and social (or work!) settings.  In this article for IBM’s Security Intelligence newsletter from September 2015, Kevin Beaver discusses the importance of driving a meaningful security culture across the organization – starting from the top and flowing down: https://securityintelligence.com/the-importance-of-a-security-culture-across-the-organization/

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Top 5 Tips to Create a Culture of Security Awareness at Work

Mike Saurbaugh, a faculty member with IANS Research and independent consultant, stresses that companies should not frame their comprehensive security awareness program so much as a compliance task, but rather, a journey that leads to lasting behavioral changes. Employees need to understand their roles in helping the business achieve a …

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