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Uber’s Data Breach Trifecta

Details emerged this week of a 2016 data breach at Uber compromising 57 million accounts (names, emails, cellphone numbers) plus further details, including license numbers of 600,000 US-based drivers. What’s more disturbing than the breach itself–although that’s important–is the way key individuals at Uber treated it. Rather than complying with …

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Machine Learning Applied to Cybersecurity

An interesting announcement this month came from Shape Security, who have launched the Blackfish system to identify and block stolen credentials earlier in the lifecycle. The problem is a growing one, with in excess of 3 billion sets of credentials reported stolen last year. According to the product website: “Instead …

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Bumper Harvest of Application Patches

Memory corruption and script engine flaws in the Internet Explorer and EDGE browsers, an attack vector potentially allowing a malicious spreadsheet to infect a user’s PC because of a problem disabling macros properly, and a significant set of updates for Adobe Acrobat and Reader. As ever, our advice on the …

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10 Questions about GDPR

This interview was originally published at CNA International Executive Search Blog. In a recent meeting, Karl Fontanari from CNA International had the opportunity of discussing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), based on 10 questions, with Professor Jacqui Taylor, who is an acknowledged expert lead for the British Standards Institute (BSI). 1.Why …

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Red Team: ‘Real’ Intrusions to Stop Targeted Attacks

Organizations are not aware of the level of detection and capability they have internally to deal with a threat. These threats target investments in security systems and equipment; however, if organizations never perform an intrusion simulation, how do they know if their equipment is ready? To defend against a targeted …

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