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5 Tips to Improve Your Personal Brand on Instagram

Instagram is nothing but food pictures, ugly filters, and people desperate for attention—so of course it is the hottest social media out there right now. In an article for Inc., Melanie Deziel gives a few tips for how you can get ahead using this vapid platform. Here they are: Define your brand: What is the niche you want to fill on Instagram? What do you want to be the go-to source for? Specializing might limit …

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Competition Is Coming

If you work within a small area with your consultancy, you might feel that you have no competition and that you are the big fish in the small pond. This might even be true—for now. But as Mark Haas explains in a post for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, service commoditization and globalization could change that. He recommends you get proactive about identifying potential threats even if it seems like you are in the …

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5 Tips to Be a Greater Consultant

A business encompasses a wide spectrum of skill sets, and solo consultants need to find ways to become a microcosm of businesses—no easy feat. In a post for CodeScience, Sebastian Kessel shares some ways to get from great to greater. Here are five tips: Let your individuality show. Always respond to client emails. Remember meeting etiquette. It is always better to over-communicate. Know your limits. Greater Heights Personality quirks are what make a person memorable. …

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Are You Doing the Wrong Things?

Small business guru Michael Gerber has been cited as saying that fewer businesses are started than go out of business in a year. That means a lot of people are doing really badly at business. Michael Zipursky briefly ruminates over this information in a post for Consulting Success. You’ve Got No Business Here One major reason why so many businesses fail is that the owners think they have a plan for success, when in actuality …

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When the Client Asks for the Wrong Solution

Suppose a client explains to you the sorts of challenges his or her business is facing, and it culminates in that person asking you to perform services that solve an utterly different problem. How do you react to that? In a post for the Institute of Management Consultants USA, Mark Haas has advice to handle this delicate situation. Off the Mark Consultants can often be trusted to diagnose problems within a business, as long as …

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The Four Investments for a Great Career

Some of the big investments you make in your life will be financial ones, but others will be nothing of the sort. When looking at the big picture, there are a few core areas that could really empower your career and the legacy you leave behind. A post at Consultants Mind shares these four core areas and explains the benefits of investing in each: People Experiences Assets Writing A Life Portfolio You invest in people …

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